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2021 Genesis G70 Release Date, Price and Exterior

2021 Genesis G70 review

A new model was spotted recently doing rounds, and it is the 2021 Genesis G70. The testing mule is wearing heavy camo but it is more than discernable which car we are talking about. The Korean automaker is looking to expand its latest brand and they are doing so by introducing yet another luxury sedan. This new model is supposed to compete in the premium compact market where it will have a lot of competitors to face.

The Genesis brand was originally introduced in 2015 and is a part of Hyundai’s luxury and premium lineup. The division was established from the Hyundai Genesis model, which was the brand’s full-size sedan model which firstly become Genesis G80. After the car reached success, a new model was introduced and was based on the redesigned Equus model, dubbed the G90. The G70 is going to be Genesis’ third model and it is already looking good.

Genesis is planning to hit the market in the same manner the Cadillac ATS has done. The segment which the vehicles are going to compete in will be ultra-competitive with a lot of familiar and very luxurious brands already established there and competing on a regular basis. BMW, Mercedes, and Audi are something that Genesis needs to watch out for. The G70 has just so much to offer so a cheaper model might in a way catch the eyes of the crowds and just might make it though in the market.

There were some indications that the model was supposed to make its debut a bit earlier, but after the release of the spy photos, it is much clearer that a 2021 release date is imminent. The 2021 Genesis G70 will arrive in an ultra-competitive market stacked with high luxury cars. Genesis accepts the challenge to compete in this segment and they plan to release a number of models by 2020 with several other models in the plan.

Update: Introducing the 2021 Genesis G70 now is an attempt by the Korean company to update its roster. Their plan is to roll out a completely new set of vehicles and models which are supposed to come out by the end of 2020. This also means taking a break from regular models as Genesis is focusing on making their first SUV. It means that the G70 is going to be one of the last regular models until the SUV project is done. What we are happy to see once more here is the seriousness that the designers have taken when embarking on this project. The vehicle will be based on the preceding G80 and G90 models and it is more than certain that the vehicle is going to have standout safety features.

Our last review mainly focused on the current information about the 2021 Genesis G70. But now the model has taken the blinds off and everything is visible and mostly familiar by now. Here are certain updates that might interest you.


2021 Genesis G70 exterior

When will the 2021 Genesis G70 Release Date be?

The 2021 Genesis G70 was expected to arrive sooner. But it appears that we are going to get it in the US for the 2021 model year. The global debut of the car is going to be in South Korea this coming year, with the North American release coming just after that. The car will be prepared for 2021 and it will mark the beginning of the sales. The Detroit Auto Show will be the official showcasing of the car when we might also learn more about the exact release date. We are actually not confident that the car will come sooner than it is said it will. The fact of the matter is that the shape that the prototype looks now does not really give us a quick turnaround. So do not expect the car to miraculously come out earlier as the current estimations are gearing for its precise release.

Update: As reported before, the 2021 Genesis G70 is going to make its first appearance in its homeland. The vehicle will be released any day now in Korea and people there will be able to buy it immediately. As for the US, people have to be patient. The model is slanted for a 2021 release and we cannot expect it earlier than March. Another update states that the vehicle is going to come in two standard engine offers, which are going to be provided for the US audiences. But there is also a diesel version that will make its debut in Korea but will not be offered for the fans in America.

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What is the Price of the New 2021 Genesis G70?

The price for the upcoming 2021 Genesis G70 is still a mystery, but we can hope to see it soon. Based on the competition and the segment the car is in, we can expect it to range somewhere around $35,000. The base MSRP rate will be provided soon, perhaps after its official unveiling in Detroit. The price is also something that will give the 2021 Genesis G70 an edge compared to the competition. The most luxurious cars in the segment are price much more than this so they are planning to catch the eye of a regular buyer who cannot afford a Mercedes but would like a car that has properties of one. All in all, this is quite an inexpensive price for the segment.

2021 Genesis G70 Exterior Design

With the newly announced 2021 Genesis G70 car, we see an exterior style that is in a way unique to all the other Hyundai products. With this release we see both elements from the G90 and G80 combined together to bring something which might solely establish the Genesis brand as a standalone concept. There are still going to be some parts that are in common with the Hyundai brand and these are the massive front grille with horizontal slats, a pronounced beltline, muscular hood, and a sleek roofline.

The unique pieces of the design are already visible even underneath all the heavy camouflage that the car is carrying. We can see the slimmer headlights and added vertical intakes for the bumper. The taillights are thinner and extend the tailgate a little bit and they come with new LED patterns and vertical bars in the middle. The roof is borrowed from the G80 model but has a shorter decklid and a spoiler which gives it a more aggressive look.

The roofline is still hidden but can be discerned even though all the camo that they have put on it. Basically it will have the same sort of a design as the G90 has, which is a sportier and boxier version of the car. Their aim is actually to attract the audiences as they are bringing us a luxurious setup but are trying to give a sportier alternative compared to the already offered vehicles seen in the segment. This idea might work and could be that a lot of fans are attracted by this sort of characteristic that the future 2021 Genesis G70 might have. The prospect looks great and we only need to wait and see what the fans are going to think about it.

Update: Now when the cover is off the 2021 Genesis G70, we have a much clearer picture of how the car is going to look like. We were mostly right with our initial through and it is true that the vehicle will heavily borrow from its bigger brethren the G80 and G90. The grille is basically a shrunken version transferred from those cars. But the only difference here is that the G70 is going to have a honeycomb pattern and not horizontal slants.

The headlamps have more angular edges and the whole front end of the car seems much angrier, opposite to an elegant look of the G80 models. Other differences are the vertically placed side vents which are positioned much higher on the bumper for this model. Update about the profile states that this model is more athletic and not really sporty as its bigger Genesis models.

2021 Genesis G70 Interior Appearance

The inside of the 2021 Genesis G70 is still kept secretive. We can safely say that the new model will borrow some elements from the larger G80 because that is the most obvious thing that they might do. This means that the G70 is not going to be as spacious nor as luxurious as the G80 is but it will add a lot of elements that enable great comfort. Expect to see a lot of leather and Alcantara with contrast stitching and a real wood grain trim added as well.

We expect some technological upgrades to be made as well with a larger touchscreen in the center stack leading the way. Also added are the new navigation, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and various other modern connectivity features you are bound to find in other premium cars nowadays. There might also be some standard features that come with a digital instrument cluster, a lot of storage compartments and heated and power-adjustable seats. Other standard additions are going to be gadgets that enhance connectivity, like USB auxiliary jacks, Bluetooth capability, but HD Radio and SiriusXM are going to come standard and you do not need to pay extra to get them.

One of the parts which make the 2021 Genesis G70 superior compared to its competition is the inside roominess. The legroom and should room will be particularly welcoming for the passengers in the back. People are going to enjoy a lot of room and will generally feel much better than in your standard car. You can really feel the luxury and comfort while there. This could also be one of the advantages which the 2021 G70 might offer to trump its much more luxurious rivaling cars in the segment.

Update: The interior of the 2021 Genesis G70 looks a lot different than the G80 and G90. We jumped to the conclusion that they will merely transfer the parts and make things easier on them. But they have done a very unlikely thing and decided to make the interior more unique. The dashboard, for instance, is a lot slimmer and simpler. It has better visibility upfront and gives the passenger a sporty feel when driving inside. The center console is also positioned higher and the center stack is driver-orientated. The infotainment display is placed just on top of the dash and it actually does not interfere with the look so much.


2021 Genesis G70 interior

Powertrain Option

There hasn’t been an official confirmation yet, but it appears that the 2021 Genesis G70 will offer two engine options. The first option might be the twin-turbo, 3.3-liter V-6 engine, transferred from the G90 model, which makes 365 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque. This version will be used for the range-topping models of the G70 while a more down-to-earth option is a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, seen in the Hyundai Sonata, potentially making 245-horsepower, 260-pound-feet of torque for this model.

There are also talks of a potential plug-in version based on the Sonata engine as well. This potential setup could mean using the 2.0-liter turbo-four engine found in the current Sonata, making 154 hp and 140 lb-ft, and pair it with an electric engine, which is able to produce 67 horses and 51 pound-feet. This means that we are potentially looking at a total output of about 202 horses for this version of the hybrid powertrain and it looks great. To top it all off, the model will be paired with a six-speed automatic transmission which will enable both better shifting and also help with the fuel consumption of the car.

Update: With the two available options already mentioned for the 2021 Genesis G70, there is an added third one. The recent update has also included a diesel version offered for the engine setup. They have decided for the 2.2-liter four-pot which his ability to generate 199 horsepower and 325 pound-feet. Unfortunately, this engine version is only going to be released for the home market and we are probably not going to see it in the US. But other markets might still get this engine offered.

If you like the updates about the 2021 Genesis G70, you might probably want to read our starting review about this model. You can find it below and upon reading it you will know exactly what is happening related to this car.


2021 Genesis G70 engine

2021 Genesis G70 0-60 mpg Specs and Potential Top Speed

The specs for the acceleration of the 2021 Genesis G70 are still not available due to the fact that the car has yet to be tested with the mentioned powertrains. But in order for it to be competitive and to provide the necessary performance compared to the rivals, a 0-60 mpg performance of around 6 seconds and even lower than that is needed. The top speed will still have to be determined based on the given engine that will be used.

2021 Genesis G70 Fuel Economy Ratings

If the 2021 Genesis G70 comes with a range-topping engine from the G90 model as it was predicted, the EPA ratings might remain the same as it was for the given model. Expect to get the same amount of consumption with 17 mpg city, 24 highway, and 20 combined ratings. This will keep the vehicle at a steady track to compete with the other models in the segment. They are all making the same or similar kind of fuel consumption rates so the G70 would be able to fit in perfectly. If they do manage to add a high-performance plug-in version, it would mean a whole lot of good news for the brand as it will make both the consumption element and the performance to the side of the G70. We can only wait and see what they decide to do with this one.


The 2021 Genesis G70 is the third sedan coming out of their production line and it will be the smallest and the shortest vehicle so far. The luxury line is pitting all of their products to compete in the premium segment and they are slanting this model underneath the G90 and G80 models. The dimensions are not in yet but you can simply imagine it being shorter and smaller from all sides compared to its bigger brothers. The official stats will come at the unveiling in Detroit.

2021 Genesis G70 Safety Equipment

The upcoming 2021 Genesis G70 will have an updated offering of safety equipment which will be enough to keep the people inside it safe. The ratings will be made when the car is released, but for now, we know that the model will be offered with the same kind of technology seen in the bigger Genesis models. Expect to see equipment like forward-collision warnings with automatic emergency braking, a surround-view camera system, a forward-view cornering camera, front and rear parking sensors, lane departure warnings and lane keep assist, driver attention alert, adaptive headlights with automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, and nine airbags to boot.

Rivaling Models

The upcoming 2021 Genesis G70 will land in a very competitive segment. The Genesis cars are already as exclusive as they come, but the designers are aware of what they are going up against. The level of proficiency for the cars in this market has to be perfect in order to make it, that is why the most popular models here are the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes Benz C-Class, which are already the leading brands and they will be joined by the Cadillac ATS, which has also been updated very nicely in recent times.

The only possible solution for the G70 is to be an as best car as it possibly can and try to get by on its looks, efficiency, and lower price compared to the other ones. The established vehicles are always going to hold the top in the luxury segment, but Genesis is going to try and make something happen with their latest product. We are very hopeful to see how this car might compete in the given segment.

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