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2021 Honda Fit Release Date, Price and Specs

2021 Honda Fit review

The 2021 Honda Fit is making a comeback to the US market with its new vehicle. The Japanese automaker has enjoyed a lot of success with a lot of their products crossing the pond and becoming established models in the US market. The Honda Fit is their smallest model available in America and they are preparing to update it a little bit and give it more spunk as if it id does not have enough of it already, to keep it updated and ready to face the competition for another spell.

The Honda Fit is a five-door hatchback which is also one of the most compound models seen in American. But what people like about it a lot is its incredible fuel efficiency. Sometimes people are looking for just this kind of car and if you based your decision every time on how much fuel the vehicle consumers, that the Honda Fit would top the sales lists every time. But with this also come some other features which help the fans make a decision faster. The Fit also gives us some unrivaled interior spacing, which is unusual for a compact car, but will also give all the flexibility you need for the model.

The last time the Fit was updated, the model got better with fuel consumption and even increased its power. This went along with some incredible styling changes that were a pinnacle in making this car an important asset for the fans. So there is not much left for the 2021 version to do expect to update a little bit and keep things fresh for the upcoming year. This is perhaps a very smallish update that the Fit is going to be given and many would say that it is unnecessary to make it. But all of us know that keeping things fresh is important for the automotive industry. Thus next time we can hope to expect some larger changes as it is how usually things go.

The 2021 Honda Fit remains a very practical and traditional hatchback which will still make its quota and make the needed sales numbers. The release date for the American audiences will come a little bit after Japan and we can hope to see the model soon. Now when the price ratings are familiar to us we continue to review the car in more detail.


2021 Honda Fit exterior

When will the Release Date for the 2021 Honda Fit be Announced?

The 2021 Honda Fit will ultimately make its debut in America. This model has made in order to succeed there and this is the entire purpose of its redesign. Even though it is not really much the fans would be expecting to see a new version come soon. The vehicle will first be released in Japan and there will probably be some information stated about it at the Detroit Auto Show. For now, we only know that the model will come to Japan this year but when will it cross the pond still remains to be determined. We assume that the model is going to become available for sale by the start of next year, but the release date is probably slanted for the end of 2020.

What About the Price of the new 2021 Honda Fit?

Luckily, the prices are already known for the 2021 Honda Fit. Since they have already released the price for the Japanese version, we have recently learned about the US-spec ones. The price will not change as much and it makes all the fans happy to hear that. The model is an economy car and its price ratings will make it affordable and in that sense a desirable model. The vehicle will come in its standard set of trim forms as before with the starting one being the LX trim. The LX 6MT will cost $15,525 while the one with a CVT will be offered at $16,325. The EX is priced $17,435 and adding a CVT transmission to it will raise the price to $18,235. Finally, the EX-L only comes with a CVT and is priced at $19,800 and the highest EX-L CVT with Navi is going to be made available for a price of $20,800.

A Fabulous Exterior Design

The 2021 Honda Fit will continue with a great design that they had. It makes the car interesting and good looking and keeps it close to the rivals. The design is another thing that gives an advantage for the Fit model and makes it very much recognizable on the streets. What the vehicle is capable of offering is a sleek and modern look, which was a great improvement compared to the older versions of this car. The best decision that they have made for the 2021 Honda Fit is to give it with 16-inch size wheels as standard. The bigger wheels do not only look good but immensely improve the ride quality and the stability of the car.

Even though the dimensions of the car have been modified with the 2015 update, they are going to be retained here. But this is another great effort that they have done for the 2021 Honda Fit. It makes the car very applicable and helps with all the necessary parts that one needs out of a car. The styling is perfect and now the interior will follow the offered exterior and match it correctly.

Class-Leading Interior

The 2021 Honda Fit will still boast with the class-leading interior spacing. The vehicle has the best kind of offer for the compact segment. The rear passengers will gain an extra 4.8-inches of legroom and it provides a total of 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats down. This is also another advantage that the model has compared to the other models in the segment and will use it to its advantage when it competes with other models.

What the 2021 Honda Fit has to offer that the rivals do not is also a slew of features that are going to be standard. Bluetooth connectivity is a big thing for the car as there are not a lot of cars out there in the segment that has it as a standard piece of equipment. There are other pieces of equipment that will be useful to have. For instance, smart entry with a push-button starter, a seven-inch touchscreen that you can also use to control the audio system and Honda’s LaneWatch system as well. The model will still have leather seats that have been introduced for the first time before.


2021 Honda Fit interior

2021 Honda Fit Engine Choice

The newest 2021 Honda Fit transfers the engine and will come bearing a familiar option. The updates brought recently to the vehicle are still going to stick and will enable the car to bring the same kind of a consumption rate and also produce the already established speed. The output level is not changed this time around and it appears that they are sticking to the already familiar and tested formula. The 1.5-liter, four-cylinder engine is still very much useable and it comes with a DOHC direct-injection but also the Honda’s i-VTEC technology. The model thus goes for an output of 130 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque. The users are going to choose between two transmission choices and you can pick between a six-speed manual and a CVT one. All in all, the prospect of the 2021 Honda Fit has only become better with the kind of engines it uses.


2021 Honda Fit engine

0-60 mph and Top Speed

Acceleration for the 2021 Honda Fit is also transferred. The Honda Fit was perhaps not the fastest model out there, but it was still able to produce good accretion feats. The vehicle will transfer the ratings as the ability of the car has not improved in the sense of making it faster. If they decide to do so for the upcoming generation models it might be good to do it. We are looking forward to seeing how much the model improves for the next generation, but for now, it will take the Fit to reach 0-60 mph in 8.5 seconds and 115 mph as its top speed. All in all, it is still pretty much standard for the Fit and we are happy with the rates.

Class-Leading Fuel Economy

The 2021 Honda Fit will transfer the fuel economy ratings from the previous model. But even though there are no changes here to speak of, the model is still holding the first position when it comes to fuel usage in the segment. The car is going to easily trump the competition ones more and it is all thanks to the changes made in 2015 when these figures were established. Thus the new Fit consumes 29/37/32 mpg for its base form using a 6MT, while the figures change to 33/41/36 with the CVT. The EX 6MT is rated on 29/37/32 while the Fit EX CVT consumes 32/38/35. Finally, the top-rated EX-L CVT and EX-L CVT with Navi have the same fuel economy specifications which give them an EPA rating of 32/38/35 mpg.

Size and Dimensions

The size of the 2021 Honda Fit is perfect for the segment it competes in. the model has established its size and dimensions a long time ago and it has not changed them ever since. It makes it a perfect compact model and one which functions in the market of America where mostly larger cars are dominant. The vehicle will still be able to swoop around the cities with ease and it is something that its buyers value and expect the car to do. So the exterior numbers still stand at 160 Inches for the full length of the car, while the width is 67 Inches and its wheelbase comes to 99.6 Inches. As far as the interior goes, it is still at a class-leading level and it has always been a wonder how they managed to make the car so roomy with the dimensions it has. Great engineering has enabled all of this and makes the model pretty useful in all kinds of situations and keeps the occupants happy.

Safety Settings

Safety is something that might pose a problem for the 2021 Honda Fit. The model has always had troubles with the safety scores and has struggled to meet them in the past. There was a quick fix added lately and it in a way improved things but it still does not put the Fit in front of the rivaling models. The NHTSA and the IIHS still give good ratings for the 2021 Honda Fit, but there were some parts that could be fixed. The model will still have airbags and electronic stability control and will also include the hill-start assist and a rearview camera. As for the higher trims goes, the model will offer a Honda’s LaneWatch display system and also a wide-angle rearward view camera. The equipment is there of the Honda Fit but it still needs that small push to ultimately become better than all those other models in the segment.

Rivaling Models

Looking at the completion of the 2021 Honda Fit, we do not really see any changes. Although some cars would perhaps need to take advantage of the given situation and make strides to overtake the market a little bit, we still think that Fit will keep its established position in the market and will manage to keep its popularity and records. Its fiercest rivals have always been the Ford Fiesta model and the Mazda 2 cars and they will continue to pose a threat. Being that these cars are always competing against each other and testing each other it would be interesting to see how they will manage to compete in this sense. The US market will be an interesting one to watch for the compact segment now and these are interesting times to be in as there are a number of options that can come at number one now.

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