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2021 Honda Jazz Facelift Release Date, Price and Changes

2021 Honda Jazz review

It appears that the facelifted 2021 Honda Jazz is coming our way. The vehicle is going to get its first acclaim and first-ever showcasing in Japan, but this even has been disrupted with the leaked photos that came off the company’s website. In fact, the release date for the car is set to be in a month from now and it was supposed to be a surprising unveiling where Honda would show how they have remodeled the car for the first time. But things did not go according to plan as the photos did make it to the public and are now all over the internet. We took the opportunity and liberty to use this situation and create a review and give our own opinions about the future 2021 Honda Jazz model.

Based on the given photos of the emerging Honda Jazz for the 2021 model year, the vehicle is going to feature various sorts of updates. The most notable are the changes done to the front end of the car where the vehicle updated some parts and pieces of the front fascia but also did some work for the back end of the car. But as far as specs for the cars are concerned we are significantly lacking on those. There are some rumors and certain statements that help us understand which powertrain the vehicle is going to use and what its power is.

Probably the most exuberant part of the 2021 Honda Jazz is that its ability to help you move both people and luggage is exquisite. The model still has its familiar boxy shape which allows it to offer the spacing and the cargo capacity which will help pack any amount of luggage that you have and have prepared for the trip. The car looks really enjoyable and it will be probably a really good addition to the Honda brand.


2021 Honda Jazz exterior

The Honda Fit model is already sold in America, but there have been no updates announced for it. Since it is basically the same car, with only certain differences that differentiate the cars because of the market they are sold in, we assume that the Fit is going to receive similar updates or at least a facelift which will be based upon the one that we have here. This will be known sometime in the future but for now, let’s concentrate on the 2021 Honda Jazz model.

When is the Release Date of the 2021 Honda Jazz Scheduled for?

The upcoming 2021 Honda Jazz has just recently been leaked so there is not much information about the release date. But as the first showcasing is still scheduled for June this year, we can only hope for it to become available further down along the year. But as the vehicle looks pretty much prepared it will not take us too long to get it. Probably the third-quarter of the year is the most appropriate time for the release.

The 2021 Jazz car will make its first debut in the Japanese market as we have expected it to be. There have not been any reports for other markets but since the Jazz appears in a lot of Asian-based ones we are certain that it will simply continue on here. The Australian version will certainly follow suit, as they are the same, but the Honda Jazz cars in Thailand are a little bit different so they might come a little bit later.

Has the Price been Announced yet?

Unfortunately, the leaked pictures of the 2021 Honda Jazz are the only part that has leaked. The price is still not known and we are looking to get it really soon. The model will start its sales within the year but the price rates are not given with the released pictures that we have now. As far as we are informed and also based on the number of updates and changes that the car has received, we are looking at a starting price of 15,000 USD, for the base trims, which could rise up all the way to somewhere around 22,000 USD. All in all, this is surely the price we are expecting to get and will probably not go beyond this.

A Much Cooler Look

As we were able to discern immediately from the given photos of the 2021 Honda Jazz was that the car is going to have a more contemporary and cooler look. The vehicle will adopt a more stylish design which can set it apart from the other competing models that you can find in the segment now. There are more curves to the front end and the new sportier looking grille which goes with the new type of headlamps is also an important factor for the car. They go the full length of the front part of the vehicle and give it a sharper look. The previous car was mainly liked and used by older crowds, but this model is going to change all of that as it is clear that they are going to offer it for younger crowds.

The previous car had quite a nice color palette and it was pretty significant for the model. There are currently eight options to choose from and we are hoping to see some more with the news one. It will probably carry over the ones that were introduced with the previous model and offer an additional one. There are also some expected changes for the tailgate of the car. The angular bumper and the taillight cluster are going to bring to the new style of the car as well as the front end has. All in all, the stylish new car will probably be a more attractive offer compared to the one that was seen before.

A Makeover on the Inside of the 2021 Honda Jazz

The new 2021 Honda Jazz has received a new interior look as well. It is going to be a much fresher take on the current one with some new technology as well. Honda is known for using futuristic pieces and parts for the interior and the exterior so they are not afraid of trying new things out. We may get to see some parts which are going to be different looking compared to the model seen currently. This will probably affect the infotainment of the car and at the same time, we are hoping to see new seats and new materials. The current model has Magic Seats and it allows you to fold down the rear seats and add more interior cargo room. The current model came with available five packages, it is more than likely that the new 2021 Jazz will come with the same type of offer and add a similar choice to their buyers.


2021 Honda Jazz interior

The Same Engine Options

As we do not have a lot to go on about the engine of the 2021 Honda Jazz, we assume that the model is simply going to transfer the powertrains. There may be some improvements made and we mainly expect them to do something about fuel efficiency which will mainly help the car in its position in the market and against the rivals. The current engine is the naturally aspirated, Honda-based 1.3-liter i-VTEC petrol engine which offers an output of 101bhp and 123Nm of torque. The designers in Honda have not made any new progress in relation to this car, so it would be better that they try and improve upon this engine now and not think about it for the future. Another and probably a better option would be that they change the engine all-together. But as things stand they will keep the given variant for now and maybe decide to change things up in the future or future generation models.

As far as transmission options go, there are two given for you and you are able to pick between a CVT automatic gearbox or go for a six-speed manual. Our opinion is the latter one as the gearshifting ability of the car is very easy and light. In fact, Honda has already proved that they are able to make manual transmissions well so this one is no exception and it can provide a guaranteed win for this model.


2021 Honda Jazz engine

0-60 mph and Top Speed

So if we are transferring the engine of the 2021 Honda Jazz, we might as well transfer the specs for it. We do mean the acceleration and top speed numbers which are likely to change as there have been no improvements mentioned so far. The acceleration specs are going to differ based on the trim level so the base S trim makes it to 0-60 mph in 11.2 seconds while the SE does it in 11.3 seconds which is credited to the addition of alloy-wheels that this trim comes with. The top EX has slowest acceleration time and it makes it to 60 mph in 11.5 seconds. With the use of a CVT system, the time will drop to 12.0, 12.2 and 12.3 respectively. But as for the top speed, all models still remain at 118 mph.

Fuel Economy Specifications of the 2021 Honda Jazz

Unfortunately, things are not getting any better for the 2021 Honda Jazz and the fuel economy of the car. The previous car was not such a fuel-effective car and so will this model be. This was the part that most of us were expecting to change and wished that they could do something in order to change and make the brand a better one. Unfortunately, there are no diesel options here nor have they decided to add any hybrid powertrains this time around. As far as we knew, the S version with a CVT has the best ratings as it makes 61.4mpg and 106g/km for CO2 emissions. Both the S and the SE that have a manual shifter have a rating of 56.5mpg and emit 116g/km CO2 while the top EX manages only 55.4mpg and 120g/km.

Still one of the Safer Cars on the Market

What we knew about the 2021 Honda Jazz model is that it was going to return with exceptional safety features. This is a type of car which has had a very good rating as far as safety goes and was really manageable. Honda has always been known for offering top safety, not just for this car but for other ones as well. The current model was rated with all five stars by the Euro NCAP crash testing and these scores will probably continue to be this way for the upcoming car. The Driver Assistance Safety Pack once again going to make an appearance and all of the trim levels except the base S will enjoy the advanced package that the car is able to have now. Within the package, it is expected that the vehicle comes with traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning and forward collision warning as standard.

Dimensions of the 2021 Honda Jazz Car

The 2021 Honda Jazz has received a facelift, although not really a minor one they still decided to keep the same size of the car. It was not expected for it to grow this time and the designers have decided to keep it completely the same. This will not tamper with any of the given specs or facts about the car and it will simply keep it as competent and as good looking as before. The full length of the car is 3996mm, the width extends to 1694mm, the height is 1524mm while the ground clearance is 135mm and the total weight amounts to 1095.

Rivaling Models in the Segment

There are a number of cars in the segment which the 2021 Honda Jazz faces. Mostly, these are all familiar faces that people have seen and are already used to. But a lot of them had an advantage compared to the Jazz. But let’s be honest here, the Jazz is also able to pull its own weight and provide some of its own offers. What the segment provides for the users are similar cars which mostly include the Volkswagen Polo, the Renault Clio, Suzuki Swift, and the Kia Rio models. Some of them hold different gear shifters so they are ahead in fuel economy, while others have better infotainment and more connectivity features and abilities. But the new 2021 version is going to handle a lot of the problems which have emerged from that and it will address the issues. So we are actually expecting the Honda Jazz to sell much better this time around.

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