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2021 Honda Pilot Release Date, Price and Specs

2021 Honda Pilot review

With the latest release, that is the 2021 Honda Pilot model, we are getting an update of an already existing fabulous looking ride. The current market demands people haulers and the best thing to offer such kind of ability is a minivan or an SUV vehicle. But the Pilot offers a little bit of both. The car will be released as an update for the current third-generation model which is currently on the roads.

The model has been spotted doing rounds and the heavy camouflage was not enough to keep us from discerning which car it actually is underneath. The model will be updated in a slight way and we see a lot of similarities to the existing model already. With the release date expected to be offered in 2021, we are excited to see what they have got in stored for the upcoming model.


2021 Honda Pilot exterior

The Honda Pilot has matured into a modern people hauler and is much more than your typical SUV car. The design has been changed from a typical boxy one into a more contemporary model that has enough space and luxury on the interior as well. It offers three rows of seating and also accommodates up to eight passengers. You can actually say that the Pilot is a sort of a pioneer in the segment as it was the first car to shun the blocky design of your typical minivans and people haulers. Its modernistic approach is actually what started its popularity and helped it become a better model in the segment. This update will give it more space on the inside and probably enlarger the numbers so it is just what the vehicle needs in order to get better for the segment. The 2021 update will expand on those features and the offered pictures are the proof for this.

Release date:, the beginning of 2021
Price:,$ 30145 – 37055
Passenger volume:,N/A ft³
Cargo volume:,N/A ft³
Curb Weight:,N/A
Top speed:,114 mph
0-60:,6.1 sec
MPG:, 20/27 (city/highway)
Exterior colors:,N/A
Towing capacity:,N/A

When will the 2021 Honda Pilot be Released?

We’re expecting the 2021 Honda Pilot release date to be probably by the beginning of 2021. As the information about the release date is still scarce, we can say that the model is near completion based on the spy photos taken of it. This is an update of course, so it will not take them too long to shape things up. The vehicle has been spotted on numerous occasions already and although some people have mistaken it for the Odyssey at first, it is nowhere near that car once you take a better look at it. What we are hoping there is a very speedy release and it will also benefit the sales, even though the sales numbers are not getting slower at all.

Pricing for the 2021 Honda Pilot

A rise in the price for the 2021 Honda Pilot is not expected. We can say that we are looking at a similar price range as the previous model has had. This means that the base MSRP rate for the LX version may be around $30,145 for a two-wheel drive and $31,945 for all-wheel drive. The EX used to cost $34,380 for two-wheel drive and $33,580 for all-wheel drive, while the EX-L was priced $37,855 for two-wheel drive, and $37,055 for the all-wheel-drive version. The changes to the pricing may only be slight for the 2021 model.

Exterior Updates

The initial exterior look of the 2021 Honda Pilot is that it keeps the new rounded look. The boxy design which was utilized with the previous cars is out and they are sticking to the rounded shape which keeps the Pilot similar to the CR-V model. The Pilot also manages to borrow some other design pieces from its brethren. So it takes the LED accented headlights and the three-spoke wheels from the Accord and also the rear end wagon-like design from the CR-V as well. The distinction between the Pilot and the CR-V can be made because of a center crease line going down the side of the vehicle.

The model seems refreshed now and it is a big car. It will not get unnoticed roaming down the streets and it offers the best that it can with the modern updates given to it. It is highly noticeable how fresh the car looks now and it is owed to the newly shaped sheet metal and to the design which clearly captures how a modern SUV needs to look like. As some people have mistaken it for an Odyssey at first, as it shares some of the characteristics with the cousin car, it might just happen that this style continues to be the go-to one for the number of upcoming Honda vehicles. The car will most likely provide the new kind of design language that Honda is going to use for the majority of its future cars.

Interior Design

The interior of the 2021 Honda Pilot is a technological wonder. As it was seen from the released information of the car, the inside will be equipped with various kinds of technological items and pieces of equipment. It adds durable materials and a shiny piano-black trim and in this model, they are still using the push-button start instead of the conventional shifter which makes the driver and the front passenger much comfortable and saves space.


2021 Honda Pilot interior

The control itself is not very massive and there is some extra space for added storage. On the center stack, there is an eight-inch capacitive touch-screen added and an integrated navigation system that is updated with the latest pieces of technology. The Display Audio system is also improved the full touchscreen and it can still distract the driver a bit.

The Honda Pilot is now larger and offers more space on the inside than it did before. The interior spacing is one of the advantages which the Pilot model offers to its buyers and it is a far cry from what all the other rivaling models have to offer. It will be a significant advantage compared to all of the rivaling cars that we meet on the market and it might prove to be a deciding factor when people choose which car to go for.

Powertrain Options

There are no proposed changes for the powertrain of the 2021 Honda Pilot. They are sticking to the same engine which was used the last time this model was made. The car will be using a 3.5-liter V6 engine that has direct fuel injection and Variable Cylinder Management, which also help with fuel-saving. The output is measured to 280 horsepower and the engine will combine with a six-speed automatic transmission, offered as standard.

But the part which sounds really impressive for the 2021 Honda Pilot is that they have added a new all-wheel-drive system. The improvements actually allow for the vehicle to split power between the front and the back wheels and it does so with a built-in torque vectoring system. But another change is the added traction-management which allows you to choose from multiple driving modes that are given. So if you are going through mud, snow or sand you can just flip the switch. But if there isn’t anything from the above then you can simply put it in normal mode.

As all Honda Pilots that came before this one, so will the given new model come with expanded hauling ability. This car has been built to help you haul stuff and it will certainly make sure you do so. Thus the hauling rate is going to be 3500 pounds with the FWD or it will expand to 5000 pounds once you transfer to an AWD system.


2021 Honda Pilot engine

What is the 0-60 mph Acceleration?

Because the engine of the 2021 Honda Pilot is not going to change, we can expect the same to be with the 0-60 mph performance and the top speed of the car. The model will make it to 60 mph from a standstill in 6.1 seconds and retain its top speed of 114 mph. The small changes that were done to the engine actually did not make any difference when it comes to acceleration and the speed of the car. Although they did manage to add something it was mostly to address the power, but due to the weight of the car and other variables, the specs stay the same.

Fuel Economy Ratings and Specs

When it comes to fuel consumption, the 2021 Honda Pilot will offer solid specs. The model will be close to the EPA rating it had with the last model but it remains to be seen will it expand a bit due to the enlarged dimensions of the car. As far as the ratings go now, we can expect a return of 20/27mpg in two-wheel drive for city and highway drives and 19/26 with all-wheel drive. This still makes the car competitive among the rivaling models and gives it quite good odds to compete in the given segment. If we compare it to the rivaling cars, the Honda Pilot boasts with some great rates, thus no big improvements were necessary. But as for the future, we could expect some things to change and we may get to see improvements in the consumption rate.

Dimension Changes

Based on the looks alone, the 2021 Honda Pilot is significantly bigger. The car has managed to grow a few extra inches and features added spacing on the inside. The model will offer more room for passengers and is going to be a lot more comfortable for the people inside. They did manage to squeeze a few extra inches but the information how much is still not released. We are sure that this car is going to be an expansion of the current one and will continue the direction Honda is heading in with the updated models. For now, the only proof that we have is from the pictures that we can view, but more solid information will probably be given as the release date comes along. As far as the outgoing model goes, the dimensions of the current vehicle stand at full length 194.5 in, wheelbase 111.0 in, height 69.8 in and width 78.6 in. The passenger’s inside were able to enjoy a spacing of 153 cu ft and the cargo bay offered a volume of 17 cu ft. But after the 2021 update, things are getting bigger and more comfortable for the Honda Pilot 2021. The weight of the car is probably going to change as well and get a whole different aspect, but as for the current one, the model weighs exactly 4048 lb.

Safety Capability of the 2021 Honda Pilot

We can safely say that the 2021 Honda Pilot will continue with the great safety capacity which the previous model has offered. The current Honda Pilot has a top safety pick and an overall five-star rating given by both NHTSA and IIHS testing agencies. The model will surely incorporate front airbags, vented side bags and side-curtain airbags for all three rows. Some of the standard pieces of equipment might include LaneWatch lane departure assist, the collision-mitigating automatic braking system with forwarding collision warning, a multi-angle backup camera, and a blind-spot warning system with cross-traffic alert.

Rivals List

In a world where there are a lot of SUV and minivan models already roaming the streets, the 2021 Honda Pilot has to make strides to be competitive. The crossover from a boxy to a sleeker design is the best thing that the model has possibly done and this new update will continue the direction they are taking not just the Pilot model but all of their future Honda cars. The rival’s list consists of such models as Ford Flex, 2021 Chevrolet Traverse and Dodge Durango. Even though the Honda Pilot is considered as probably the vehicle which does not go out of style it can happen that the competition gets the better of you at times. But we do not see it happening this year. Although the rivals are really good and they may be a force to be reckoned with, the 2021 Pilot will hold on to its position.

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