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2021 Honda S2000 Release Date, Price and Specs

2021 Honda S2000 review

The rumors of a 2021 Honda S2000 are slowly becoming a reality. After months and months of leaks, renderings, and alleged spy photos we have some solid evidence which states that the S2000 car is in fact going to make its appearance. Honda has confirmed that with the prospect of the NSX and S660 sports cars, the almost but forgotten S2000 is also planned to make a comeback.

Currently, Honda does not have a true sports car in its lineup. Some would argue that the Civic Type R is one, but we can say that it is just a mere extension of the Civic brand. But Honda is now preparing to offer us not one, but three sports variants. People have been excited the most for the NXS, for obvious reasons, but the prospect of getting the S2000 back is an equally exciting one.

The original Honda S2000 has been produced between the 2000 and 2009 model years and was one of the more popular Honda products. Now after so much time the popularity has still not subsided. The car was initially discontinued because Honda did not have a clear plan for the brand and there was also the problem of the global economic crisis. Now when things are a lot more stable, the model is gearing up for its release date which comes soon.


2021 Honda S2000 exterior

When can we expect the Release Date for the 2021 Honda S2000?

The news about the 2021 Honda S2000 is still fresh, but the expectancy for the car is at an all-time high. The car will probably be offered along the 2021 model year but we do not have exact information when. The biggest guess that we care to make is by the third quarter of the year.

What is the Potential Price?

No rumors about the price for the 2021 Honda S2000 for now and it is still early to guess. The model will probably get its official pricing when the release date gets closer. But we can probably say that we are looking at a figure of around 40,000 dollars.

The 2021 Honda S2000 Exterior Style

This is where the news is a little bit more coherent as the 2021 Honda S2000 is going to borrow the style of their future planned sports cars. They said that they are planning to make the S2000 similar to the NSX in terms of the exterior design. So we can expect wraparound headlights, flared wheel arches, and large side air intakes. Compared to the last incarnation of the S2000, all point to a robust type of styling compared to the old sleek and bullet-like design.

Inside Changes


2021 Honda S2000 interior

The interior of the 2021 Honda S2000 is actually the least talked about part of the car. So far we have yet to reach the stage which concerns the interior of the car. We do not really know how it would look like except that it is going to take a big swing from the last design. Look for it to inherent the details of the future NSX and S660 models which are probably going to provide the basis for the design and also help with the direction they plan to take this car.

Possible Powertrain Option

The biggest change with the upcoming 2021 Honda S2000 is that the original model was a front-engine mounted sports car, but the indications with the future car lead us to believe that we are going to get a  mid-mounted engine setup. This is also being done for the NSX and the S660 model so it is easy to believe that this new one is going to do the same. The future of sports cars is seen in the hybrid market, so a potential setup for this model is a 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine, borrowed from the current Honda Civic Type-R car, and an electric motor. This is probably going to result in an output of 365 horsepower. This also leads us to believe that they might use a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission.


Honda Civic Type R engine

0-60 mph Acceleration

The acceleration is going to be an advantage for the 2021 Honda S2000 car. As there is no official information and there are certainly not going to be any until the powertrain is established, we predict an acceleration rate to 0-60 mph of around 3 seconds with a top speed gearing towards 170 mph.

How will the Fuel Economy Fare?

The future of sports cars is changing and the 2021 Honda S2000 will probably incorporate the changes that all the current models are adding. This means that with the use of hybrid technology more and more cars are tipping towards more favorable fuel ratings and emission rates. With the combination of an electric motor, the S2000 car will get some much better and passable consumption numbers. The fuel economy will get to be a lot better but the ratings will be made once the EPA does their tests.


The size of the 2021 Honda S2000 is still being developed. The model has yet to showcase any numbers in regard to the size of the car. It will resemble the last one but it will probably be based on the NSX car as well. They will not only transfer the style from this car but they might also get to do the same with the size of it also.

Safety Specs

The new 2021 Honda S2000 will get all the bells and whistles when it comes to safety. Honda is making all of its cars as safe as they can possibly be. The best examples are the future S660 and the NSX sports cars, but also the standard roster of Honda vehicles that have come out recently. Besides the standard offer that we get to see in your everyday car, this model will probably get all the necessary types of equipment which are expected from a sports model.

Rivaling Vehicles

When the 2021 Honda S2000 gets to be revealed, the set of competition cars will change compared to the rivals which it faced the last time. There has been a considerable time gap and the face of the rivals has changed. According to the latest rumors, the closest contemporary car might be the Mazda MX-5, which is built up as the nearest competitor. Other models may be the Nissan Z car, BMW Z4 and the Fiat 124 Spider.

Pictures in the article are just an illustration of the possible, future look of the new Honda S2000.

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