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2021 Infiniti Q60 Release Date, Price and Specs

2021 Infiniti Q60 review

The brand new 2021 Infiniti Q60 is going to be a derivative of the initial Q50 version. It is expected to be a two door car which will derive its power from  a 3.7L V6 powertrain. There are rumours making rounds of a possible hybrid trim version that will have a 3.5L V6 engine mated to an electric motor.

The hybrid version is expected to be a fuel efficient one with good EPA ratings and which will make fuel conscious buyers very happy during those adventurous escapades. No public announcements have been made as yet about the vehicle in terms of when we should expect the coupe to be released to the public.


2021 Infiniti Q60 exterior

The production version is probably in its final stages. The following review will give you an informed idea of what to expect from the 2021 Infiniti Q60 specs.

2021 Infiniti Q60 Price and Release Date

The current trending which is Q50 which is a predecessor to the Q60 retails at around 40,950 USD and with added features and performance then it should be expected that the next generation coupe will most certainly have an msrp of around 42,000 dollars.

2021 Infiniti Q60 Exterior

According to our rendering, some few parts of the new coupe will probably be omitted. The 2021 Infiniti Q60 production model will have large grille, a daring split apron and headlights.

The manufacturers of the new coupe will most probably incorporate production friendly parts while making sure it still maintains a sporty look in comparison to the Q50 version. The shoulders will become lesser in masculinity while the waistline will make a slight drop below to the windows.

The rear fascia will lower slightly also. The spoiler might be less protruding like the previous version but may also remain the similar to the current model. Despite the aforementioned alterations the new Infiniti will most certainly become the sportiest member within the Q model line-up and might become the benchmark for other future cars of the line-up.

2021 Infiniti Q60 Interior

Speculation based information is what shrouds the interior of the 2021 Infiniti Q60 with rumours of whether much of the concept’s inside design and equipment will actually be carried forward to the production version.

According to the photos which we have of the Detroit showcasing of the concept car, the cabin was well designed and was expected to be a top notch. The new 2021 Infiniti Q60 from the looks of things might prefer more attention to detail and it may be possible that the carbon fibre might also be in the offering.

The control layout of the dashboard will probably alter to some extent and would be inspired by the Q80 and keeping all those features would spell trouble for the buyer since it would be very expensive. And there is no way that Infiniti manufacturers would want to spoil their flagship project through heavy borrowing of important features.


2021 Infiniti Q60 interior

Engine for 2021 Infiniti Q60

The 2021 Infiniti Q60 manufacturers would most probably make use of a 3.7L capacity V6 engine. The engine if used will have the capability of yielding out 330 HP and 270 towing capacity which is the case for the current car.


2021 Infiniti Q60 engine

The altered model would come with a little oomph which would boost its elegance altogether, but whichever case you should not expect the power to exceed 350HP. The figure in most probable terms should be able to put the 2021 Infiniti Q60 above the competition posed by the BMW 435i. More info on Topspeed.

No public announcements have yet been made on whether the brand new 2021 Infiniti Q60 will get a hybrid engine of the Q50.

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