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2021 Lincoln Continental Release Date, Price and Changes

2021 Lincoln Continental review

Here we are, after a bunch of rumors, we can finally see in person, what the North Star vehicle has to offer, in a form of 2021 Lincoln Continental. This is practical, if I am not mistaken, the tenth generation of Lincoln Continental.


2021 Lincoln Continental exterior

2021 Lincoln Continental Release Date and Price

And the production is scheduled to begin in 2021. But it is more than obvious that this car is far from just a concept car, it is more like the car ready for production. Ford is not giving information about the 2021 Lincoln Continental Release Date and Price so easily. So, yet again, nothing is certain. We can expect that this kind of luxury could easily make the price go sky high.

Review of 2021 Lincoln Continental

It started way back, in the 1940’s. That first generation of Lincoln Continental was created for Henry Ford’s son, Edsel Ford. It was a convertible style, a huge car. It had that external spare tire mounted on the rear end.

Throughout the history of this car, there were all kinds of designers, ideas and principles guiding those men and women behind the drawing board. But in the end, the final product never lacked comfort, luxury, and power. Every time the new version comes out, it comes with something changed following the trail crumbs of global opinions and the needs of the car markets.

Everything was on the right path, but it was suddenly discontinued in 2002. All the plans were abandoned because of the global economic crisis, until this year. Suddenly it is like nothing actually happened in the past decade.

We already did some research about this vehicle in the past and wrote about that. That little research of ours did nothing wrong, and we were right almost about everything, and yet, even with our imagination, we couldn’t have imagined what we saw, this week, on the New York Car Show.

The important thing to mention is that you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the Internet. There were some pictures going around, with the vehicle that should represent the Town Car version of 2021 Lincoln Continental but be assured that even this is a concept car. Maybe in a couple of years, we can expect the Town Car, but for now, this is more than enough.

In this article, we are going to complete our previous review, with this new information we have.

2021 Lincoln Continental Exterior

I can actually imagine 2021 Lincoln Continental exterior to be a role model for future car designs. We already imagined that this will be a big car, with a modern design, but this…

As soon as you approach the car with a key it detects you and greets you with LED headlights and the North Star symbol illuminating the car like a spaceship, with style. Doors supposed to have no handles, and everything is automated. It uses some kind of E-latch system which should make car doors more silent.

That actually made the exterior design even slicker. Actually every single detail on the exterior, from headlights, taillights, huge 21” rims, metallic blue color and the panoramic roof has been made to show the luxury of this car, even before we’ve been able to get in and actually see how it really looks from the inside.

I heard some rumors about spy photos (with black new Lincoln Continental on them), but personally I didn’t saw such pictures.

2021 Lincoln Continental Interior

Like it wasn’t enough, 2021 Lincoln Continental interior amuses you to the point you want to turn on the ignition and drive to an unknown destination, just drive and never get out.

When I was little, I use to sneak into my grandfather’s caddy and just pretend that I can drive. I wanted to do that in this car but that security was too big for me. I mean, one thing is to write about all that leather that we expected but this was ridiculous.

I had an impression of total commodity and freedom at the same time. There were no cheap plastic buttons, although there were a lot of buttons. It even has one control display on the central part of a dashboard.

Back seats were like a vacation in a presidential suite. On a push of a button, the aluminum table automatically comes out from the central part, where you can place your champagne glasses. And the front seats have 30 adjustable positions! The seat is practically made to mold itself by the shape of your body. If that is not comfort, I don’t know what is.


2021 Lincoln Continental interior

2021 Lincoln Continental Specs

Supposedly Lincoln Continental 2021 specs are incomplete at the moment. Every time we asked about the power output or about the transmission, the only answer we got was: “It is a concept”.

So. yeah, information is still incomplete in some segments. What we know for certain is that it is going to use the exclusive version of the 3.0 liter EcoBoost V6 engine. It is going to have an automated cruise control assist and pedestrian detection system.

They are actually saying something about the completely automated vehicle but for now, that kind of talk is still a sci-fi.

We expect the 9-speed automatic transmission combined with AWD, but every single person out there has its own opinion on that matter, so we are going to stay neutral in this one.


2021 Lincoln Continental engine


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