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2021 Lincoln MKC Release Date, Price and Changes

2021 Lincoln MKC review

Lincoln may be an age-old company, but they are not going to let this happen to their 2021 Lincoln MKC model. The company is hoping that the updates that they are providing for the 2021 model will maintain the vehicle’s appearance and keep things fresh so the waves that this car has been making continue for the future. One of the more reliable things for the MKC model is the aspect that a lot of Lincoln vehicles have been getting modern upgrades which make them much more adaptable and promising for the contemporary market.

Lincoln is known as an old-school company and they have been making great brand vehicles but at one moment they were surpassed by the much “younger” competition. Here comes the part where it is proven that you can teach an old dog new tricks. In order to maintain its image and also its selling quotes, the brand has made an attempt to reinvent themselves. What they managed to do was to start with a completely different approach to their cars. Ever since 2008, Lincoln has been making great modern cars. The same things goes for the MKC model.

In recent times the Lincoln MKC vehicle has gone through various changes that have promised to make it even more complementary than it used to be. One of the most important things that Lincoln is trying to do is to maintain it and offer timely refreshes for the car. The compact crossover segment is a tight one and there are many divers’ vehicles. Keeping up with the times and following the modern approach is what Lincoln needs to do in order to maintain the image of MKC.

The current generation models of the Lincoln MKC came out officially in 2014, after being showcased a year before as a concept model in Detroit. The current generation MKC cars exemplify what the company has been planning with their entire roster of models. They are making exemplary vehicles which will follow the needs of the younger audiences. As far as the MKC goes, the sales have been growing steadily year in and year out. The MKC has a base audience female buyers, which contribute more than 50% of the sold units. But the competition is harsh here so it is important for them to maintain their image.

The 2021 model year brings updates to the car that we were expecting to see. The vehicle still has an image that we all know and like and are glad to hear and see that the model will still fight the good fight with the necessary updates. With the newest batch of pictures appearing and the model coming closer to its release date, we bring you our full review about it.


2021 Lincoln MKC exterior

When is the Released Date of the 2021 Lincoln MKC Expected For?

The newest 2021 Lincoln MKC is expected to appear very soon. The recent batch of photos shows us the model which is all but ready to appear and start sales. The vehicle is known for its reliability and luxury and maintaining the updates that the model requires will certainly be good for the brand to prosper. We are expecting the model to appear in the later part of 2020 and the release date should come before the end of the year.

2021 Lincoln MKC Prices

The list of trim levels and their price for the 2021 Lincoln MKC cars has been released and is known. People will still have to pay a luxury sum for this brand and it does not come as cheap as you would expect it to be. But that being said, this is a Lincoln model so you cannot expect to get a lesser price for it. So the price for the base trim, the Premiere, starts at $33,260. After that comes the Select offered for $37,090 and the top one is the Reserve valued at $40,460. Compared to the current model the numbers are not so much inflated and the price is very much similar to the one given before.

Updated 2021 Lincoln MKC Exterior

The 2021 Lincoln MKC does not go too far when redesigning the outer part. In fact, it is mostly similar to the brand’s concept model when the second-generation vehicle debuted. It still manages to make a combination of a bold and a muscular stance and gives it a staple dose of elegance that you expect from the brand car. There are some noticeable differences compared to the concept version which we saw. These include conventional door handles, updated graphics to the tailgate and the newest exhaust tips which are rounded now. The front end will keep its most recognizable parts and these are split-wing grille and the sharp headlights and it combines with the bumper which we also saw before.

Generally speaking, the 2021 Lincoln MKC is a very attractive looking model. It is sleek and is uncluttered and at the same time manages to combine the simplicity of design which makes this car what it is. The profile of the car adds some double shoulder lines which give more character to the car as they stretch across it. The height is also appropriate and the wheel size as well as it fills in the car more than appropriately. The rear end of the car gives the model a very broad looking concept. The taillight is quite broad and the taillights are kept similar. The double exhaust pipes are different as thy come with a rounded shape.

Some features that you will see for the exterior are panoramic Vista Roof that the passengers in the second row may enjoy. The car is also illuminated from all the sides and this part is called approach lighting and is activated once you put your key into the key holder. Another features which come with the lighting of the car are the HID bulbs which are used for better visibility while the LED ones are for accents. There are six different wheel options to choose from various designs and 18-inch and 20-inch sizes. Also, the newest color pallet will be announced which can be optionally chosen.

A Pleasant and a Luxurious Cabin

When you peer inside the 2021 Lincoln MKC, you will notice a premium and luxurious cabin. The most important aspect of the car is still its comfort and the designers have given their best to make it. But another more important aspect for some is the amount of new technology which comes inside. The only part which we have something to object to is the look of the cabin. The layout of the cabin and the look is pretty similar to the lack of lustered one that we saw before. It is not impressive at all and simply tarnishes all of the good parts that the model has. But we hope that next time with the new update or at least with the newest generation model they improve upon this.

But the car is still exceptionally good and comfortable. It is mainly thanks to the aluminum strips and the soft-touch materials that dominate the inside. The standard seats come wrapped in leather and also have French stitching but you will also enjoy the heating that they include in the seats. Optionally, there are adjustable seats that offer more comfort as they are made in a specific way especially to accommodate to luxury brands. The ambient lighting system offers seven different light themes that can affect the mood and help the passengers inside feel even more comfortable.


2021 Lincoln MKC interior

Some of the gadgets that made it on the inside are really exceptional. First of all, all sound enthusiasts will have the opportunity to use a THX-II Certified Audio System, which has 14 individual speakers and produces 700 watts of power. You will be able to operate it using an 8-inch touchscreen. Other services and features include SiriusXM traffic, Travel Link services, MyLincoln Mobile app, and more. This allows the users to have more options and experience a much more contemporary and modern setting with all of the additions made to the interior setup.

Powertrain Offers

The 2021 Lincoln MKC will offer us a few engine options when it comes to different trim levels of the car. The standard offer is the 2.0-liter EcoBoost inline four-cylinder engine which makes 240 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. But choosing the higher trim will also allow you to get a more powerful engine, namely the 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline four-cylinder, which gives you an output of 285 horsepower and 305 pound-feet of torque. The standard setup and also the base version comes with a FWD, but higher models and the ones with the second more powerful engine will be equipped with an AWD system. Finally, all of the models will use a six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission.


2021 Lincoln MKC engine

Top Speed and 0-60 mph Stats

Being that the engines for the 2021 Lincoln MKC are not going to be changed, it also leaves us with the same kind of stats that we had before. There are no upgrades to the output and no changes to the specs as well, which leaves us with the acceleration time of around 7 seconds to get from 0 to 60 mph while the top speed can be limited to 155 mph.

EPA Stats and Fuel Economy

As they have not done anything significant when it comes to reducing the fuel consumption for the 2021 Lincoln MKC, the consumption of fuel is going to remain the same. This prompts us to an EPA rating of 20 mpg in the city, 29 mpg on the highway, and 23 mpg combined, for the base version and the standard engine, while the upper trims and the stronger engine consumes 18 mpg in the city, 26 mpg on the highway, and 21 mpg combined. Generally speaking if you want to save fuel than you can opt for the standard one while the secondary will give you more power but not really help with the efficiency part.

Dimensions and Size of the 2021 Lincoln MKC

Being that the 2021 Lincoln MKC is merely an update and that it mostly concentrates on the aesthetic part of the car, we are not going to see any changes in size. The car is a well-appointed model and does hold many similarities with the other models in the segment. They have decided against going for versatility and did not want to update the brand and give it a new kind of dimensions. The current features are more than balanced and give it just enough interior room on the inside as well and great cargo capacity. The car is 179.2 inches long and has a wheelbase of 105.9 inches. It is also 73.4 inches wide and has a height of 65.2 inches. As far as the interior goes, it still seats 5 people and has a passenger volume of 97.9 cu. ft. and a cargo volume of 25.2 cu. ft., behind the second row, and 53.1 cu. ft., behind the front seats.

The 2021 Lincoln MKC is as Safe as They Come

One of the more important aspects of the 2021 Lincoln MKC is the fact that it is very safe and that they have also added new technology here. The MKC now packs various active and safety technology pieces which are ultimately going to help with the security of this vehicle. The additions which are added to make you feel safe to include a collision warning system, lane keep assist, a driver alertness monitor, active park assist and also let’s not forget the seven standard airbags that come with this as well.

What About the Segment?

The newest 2021 Lincoln MKC will not have it easy in the compact crossover segment. One of the major factors here is that the segment is filled up with versatile cars and vehicles which maintain an image to them that are followed by their own established fan base. One of the most downgrading things about the Lincoln MKC 2021 is that the price is higher than the closest competing cars. But it is featured as a luxury SUV so it has those things going for it in turn. Models that the MKC is certainly going to have a tough time to beat include the Ford Escape as the top seller but also other models such as 2021 Audi Q3 and BMW X1, respectively.

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