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2021 Lincoln MKZ Release Date, Price and Exterior

2021 Lincoln MKZ review

Ford is introducing its redesigned 2021 Lincoln MKZ model. The luxurious subsidiary brand of Ford has been trying to compete against the giants of the industry for so long already but they have never managed to reach the acclaim and the full potential that the German luxury brands have. They have left the Lincoln MKZ brand in the dust for so many years now. The only reason why Lincoln brought in its MK brand is to oppose the bigger brands and this update will need to be a spectacular one if there are to achieve.

The redesign of the 2021 Lincoln MKZ has been done in such a way that we do not really see it as a redesign. It is more of a facelift and it incorporates parts of the design that was introduced with the concept model back in 2013.

The people from Lincoln also said that with the introduction of this car they are bringing in a car that will update all key components of a luxury brand. Thus we are hopeful about what we are going to get with the MKZ model.

This new 2021 Lincoln MKZ will raise the bar in terms of the equipment it has to offer. It will at the same time address the comfort and usefulness of the interior while adding safer and more appropriate equipment to make the car safe for people riding in it. A more luxurious offer is even added with the Black Label interior package which provides so much more for the new vehicle.

Since the release date is just around the corner we felt that it was time to review the car and bring you more details about it.


2021 Lincoln MKZ exterior

When is the Release Date of the 2021 Lincoln MKZ?

The arrival of the 2021 Lincoln MKZ is expected by the end of the year. The announcement of this car being finished is almost upon us. We are probably going to get the confirmation about the release date any time now but it just so appears that the model will be offered for the end of 2017 for its release date. Read more: Mazda CX 3  Release Date.

2021 Lincoln MKZ Price List

There has already been a statement made about the price for the 2021 Lincoln MKZ. In fact, they have already released the price list of all the latest MKZ trim models that are going to come out. But there are going to be certain variations as the model will offer different powertrains and also additional packages, and not to mention different trims. All of it will affect the price range for the future MKZ and the base version starts with $35,010 while the base MSRP of the highest one will come to $45,400.

2021 Lincoln MKZ Exterior Redesign

There are certain changes made for the exterior look of the 2021 Lincoln MKZ. There are adaptive LED headlights added now with the fog lights replaced with slimmer ones. But still, the biggest difference is the design of the new single-frame grille which comes with new chrome accents placed around the fog lights and the lower air vents.

The side of the car is the same as the concept from 2013 and it still keeps the lower body line that runs between the wheels. The rear is also identical to the concept version with small LED taillights and an LED bar that runs along the deck between the lights. The lip on the deck is kept and so is the high mounted brake light.

2021 Lincoln MKZ Interior Appearance

The improvements added to the inside of the 2021 Lincoln MKZ actually make a big difference for the car. It updates the luxury and gives us all new features on the inside. The most obvious change was the smoothness of the switches and buttons which are now much easier to use and operate. So we can now operate the audio and the ventilation controls in a much easier manner.

Also added is a floating center console and it also provides added storage for the passengers inside. They have also substituted the conventional lever with a push-button shifter which makes the cabin more open and allows for more space and maneuvering. The infotainment system was updated with a large touchscreen display that comes with navigation and smartphone connectivity.


2021 Lincoln MKZ interior

Powertrain Choices

There is going to be a choice between three engines for the 2021 Lincoln MKZ car. You will be able to choose between the 2.0-liter GTDI EcoBoost, four-cylinder, a 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle hybrid engine, or a 3.7-liter, 24-valve V-6. The first one makes 188 horsepower, the mid-spec one is rated at 240 horsepower, while the last one is capable of getting to 300 horsepower. This year they are also adding a 3.0-liter GTDI V-6 which will be the top-rated engine version making 400 horsepower for the Lincoln MKZ brand.


2021 Lincoln MKZ engine

2021 Lincoln MKZ 0-60 mph and Top Speed

According to the latest info, the ability of the 2021 Lincoln MKZ to speed up to 0-60 mph is achievable in 6 seconds as it has been estimated. This is something that has not been officially confirmed but it is entirely possible given the engine choice it comes with. The top speed will probably remain at 155 mph.

What is Fuel Economy?

The fuel economy of the 2021 Lincoln MKZ will probably not be updated. We will get the same 17 mpg city drive and 26 mpg highway as before. Although the numbers are not as great as you would hope for them to be, the updates and changes about it will probably happen sometime for the further generations of the model.

Dimensions of the 2021 Lincoln MKZ

As the statement says, the 2021 Lincoln MKZ is not going to change dimensions. This will maybe happen with the next-generation models or with a more extensive update, but for now, the car will keep the same characteristics as before. The model is 193.9 inches long, has a wheelbase of 112.2 inches, width 73.4 inches and height 58.1 inches.

The curb weight will probably also remain similar as there have been no changes that would either improve it or make it worse. Expect figures of 4307 lb. The passenger volume is 99 cu ft while the cargo capacity offers 15 cu ft.

Safety Equipment

The 2021 Lincoln MKZ will come with some newly offered safety systems. These will include adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go functionality which has the ability to slow and increase cruise speeds on-demand with traffic conditions.

Enhanced parks assist will also be added for this version and will update the last one. It will also add a pre-collision system, helping us avoid frontal collisions and also offering the ability to detect pedestrians and react accordingly.


The luxury segment will be happy to welcome the newly updated 2021 Lincoln MKZ, but there are still going to be some well-mannered vehicles waiting here. We are going to witness a high level of competition when it comes to offering these cars and such models like the Lexus ES, Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and even the BMW 3 Series will make this segment a very crowded one.

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