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2021 Lincoln Navigator Release Date, Price and Specs

2021 Lincoln Navigator review

The newest 2021 Lincoln Navigator has been announced as a vehicle that offers a lot of potentials. It is a model that provides enough roominess on the inside accompanied by a lot of expanded technological features and equipment to go with it. What they are also saying is that this car is going to address the handling a bit more and we are about to get a car which has surprisingly good handling ability.

Personal minivans and full-size SUV cars will never go out of style. Some would say that it depends on the fuel price but this is not the case. These types of cars have always been popular no matter the situation and the Navigator are surely one of the top models in the segment. Updating it will bring the fans something new to get excited about and also give the industry a kind of a nudge forward.

The Lincoln Navigator car is one of the longest and certainly, the biggest Lincoln cars made. This model will build upon the characteristics of the previous car by building upon it and adding more to the already established formula. But expansions have been made with the driving ability which has become more and more important and demanded by the fans as well.

The early released pictures are not the only thing that is gearing us for the release of the 2021 Lincoln Navigator as we have devised a review to help you study the car before the release date comes.


2021 Lincoln Navigator exterior

When can we expect the Release Date for the 2021 Lincoln Navigator?

The current statement about the 2021 Lincoln Navigator is that the car is under development. The early spy photos have confirmed that as well, but the production crew from Lincoln is keeping quiet about some other details for the car. They are probably keeping it a secret for the official unveiling of the car. The unveiling actually comes later this year while we can expect the release date to be somewhere in late 2017 as the car is going to be available for sale as a 2021 version.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Estimated Price

The price has not been officially stated and we can only estimate how much will the 2021 Lincoln Navigator cost. The model will be priced at around $47,000 for the starting offer and will probably rise to$80,000 for the Navigator L trim.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Exterior Design and Looks

The announced changes for the 2021 Lincoln Navigator do not go beyond being aesthetic. The model still holds to its initial use and looks pretty much the same with the car looking similar to what it did a couple of models ago. They have decided to keep the original stamp for the model which makes it instantly recognizable and you can easily spot it in the streets. What is also important is that this look manages to still hold up in terms of style compared to some other models on the market.

The car will still use the steel-frame, aluminum-body which will help in weight-saving and at the same time provide better fuel-efficiency and handling. The proportions are still the same and the car will hold to its familiar monocle. Compared to the looks of the previous car it is more refined and reserved. Also, it is a bit slimmer looking and the front grille gets smaller and slimmer which has been the story of every vehicle as it comes out.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Interior Appearance and Changes

The updated interior for the 2021 Lincoln Navigator is more technologically savvy compared to some late models. The inside fashions a twin-binnacle wrapped in leather and with twin-stitched seams. On it you can find a big touchscreen placed in the center console. Buttons and switches are still used and you can find them spread out across the dash and the steering wheel. There is another LCD screen safely tucked away inside the gauge pod which gives you added information. All in all, they managed to give a modern refresh to this kind of design and the inside looks more refined and contemporary, but comfortable as well.


2021 Lincoln Navigator interior

Powertrain Ability

Changes for the powertrain have not been planned for the 2021 Lincoln Navigator car. In fact, the new model will still be using a twin-turbocharged, direct-injected 3.5-liter V-6 engine, which will enable it to produce the same output of 380 hp and 460 lb-ft. It comes with a base 6-speed automatic shifter and also has the ability to tow 9,000 pounds max.


2021 Lincoln Navigator engine

0-60 mph Acceleration and Speed

The new model that is the 2021 Lincoln Navigator will have the characteristics of its predecessors. This means that the car is going to be not just moderately quick, but actually aggressively quick. Thanks to the now lighter form of the car we predict it being able to speed up to 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds while attaining a top speed of 101 mph.

2021 Lincoln Navigator Fuel Economy

One obstacle that the 2021 Lincoln Navigator cannot climb over is its fuel efficiency. A big car like this needs a lot of fuel to power and to move so it is no wonder that the rates of the previous car are 15 mpg city, 21 highway, and 17 combined. The longer Navigator L manages to score an EPA rating of 15/20/17 mpg, which is still not good enough. The new 2021 version will have the same kind of stats as it does not change any parameters that might improve the fuel consumption rate.

Dimensions Changes

There are not going to be any dimension changes for the 2021 Lincoln Navigator, at least not this time. The changes might be introduced in the future but that is a preposition that they might like to think about for a distant design. For now, the Navigator does just fine with the specs that it has. The overall length of the car is measured to 222.3 inches and the wheelbase is 131.0 inches. The height of the car is 78.0 inches and the width is 78.8 inches, the curb weight is 6361 lb. The interior spacing is measured to a volume of 170 cu ft while the cargo volume is 43 cu ft.

Safety Settings

The crash scores and the safety ratings for the 2021 Lincoln Navigator will be transferred from the previous model. The NHTSA has performed the crash test and has given it a 5-star overall rating with nearly all of the individual tests being rated with 5 stars. But there are a couple that was not as good as one would hope. The rollover safety was rated with 4 stars in 4WD while the RWD models got a low 3-star rating.

But the car will also incorporate a standard set of safety features which includes a rearview camera, front parking sensors, and blind-spot monitors. Besides the airbags, there are also pieces of equipment like anti-lock brakes, and stability control.

Rivaling Models

The list of rivaling vehicles is not big and the 2021 Lincoln Navigator will face the same fleet of vehicles which it did before. The market for full-size SUV cars is a vast one but still, there is a handful of cars which we would exclude from the rest. These are the Cadillac Escalade, Land Rover Range Rover, Lexus LX 570 and the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class cars.

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