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2021 Lincoln Town Car Release Date, Price and Specs

2021 Lincoln Town Car review

2021 Lincoln Town Car won’t have many similarities with the previous version of the same car. This car will be produced for people who like to ride in a full luxury vehicle. Also, this car will be equipped with various kinds of modern technology to match with other modern luxury vehicles. There are expectations that this new model will restore the position of the Town Car for the full luxury sedan segment of the automobile industry.

The new model will be updated with a new type of door handles, side mirrors, and an improved front bumper. Some new top-quality LED headlights, front grille, and large size wheels and the front grille are also expected. The 2021 Lincoln Town Car will bring lots of fancy, new features such as a new design and a different color scheme. The front side of the car will have a new specially designed mesh grill with a Lincoln badge. The Aluminum polish will bring a nice look to the mesh grill. A chromed strip on the side of the body of the car will definitely arouse some interest with both the new and old customers.

Lincoln Town Car is a top brand luxury sedan, which is very similar to the Crown Victoria model. The manufacturer stopped the production of this model in 2011 because they couldn’t find the right segment to present it on the open market. But now there’s some rumors circulating around that Lincoln is planning to make a new model of the Town Car in 2021. This model had been produced from 1981-2011 and now we expect something very different than the previous models of this car. This model needs to freshen up and revived a little bit because it has already been six years since the last update.


2021 Lincoln Town Car exterior

2021 Lincoln Town Car Release Date

We don’t have a precise release date when the 2021 Lincoln Town Car will be put for sale on the open market, but we expect it somewhere in late 2017 or at the beginning of 2021. The company is probably working on it right now so we expect the details about the release soon.

2021 Lincoln Town Car Expected price

We don’t know the starting price for this new model of Town Car exactly, but we expect something in the range of $44.000 as the starting price for this new model.

2021 Lincoln Town Car Exterior

The exterior of the new model will come out with a new shape and some fresh attributes, all made from high-quality materials. This will make the 2021 Lincoln Town Car more aerodynamic properties and elegance. Also, this car will be updated with the new front lights to improve visibility during bad weather (rain or fog). LED technology will be used for new lights on this model. This new Town Car will be made from lighter materials than the previous model, which improves the performances of the new car. This car will also come with a fender built from stronger materials, airflow will be better than other models because the new model comes with added slots for airflow.

2021 Lincoln Town Car Interior

2021 Lincoln Town Car comes with new technology and better features than the previous model. Also, there will be a smart glass tinting sunroof and a support tray for the tablet. New adjustable seats will be wrapped with top leather materials and also updated with heating and cooling systems. Storage space will be improved on this new model. A longer wheelbase will improve the roominess of the Town Car and give us added spacing on for the inside. The interior of the new model will be refreshed with a new rooftop, navigation system with a bigger display and touch screen and new safety features such as airbags and seat belts. The new entertainment system will also get high-quality speakers and multimedia options.


2021 Lincoln Town Car interior


The manufacturer provides two types of engines for this new Town Car. The first type comes from Ford and it’s the EcoBoost 3.4 ccm engine. It will be combined with a 9-speed automatic gearbox and the engine can deliver 365 HP in total. The second type is the 2.7 cm EcoBoost dual turbocharged V6 engine. It can deliver 350 HP and also generate 370 lb-ft. Also, we expected the big V8 engine to be used for this model, but the manufacturers decided against it as they thought it was necessary to reduce the weight for this new model. The car is supported by an All-Wheel Drive system from Ford. Fuel economy will be in the range of 22 mpg.


2021 Lincoln Town Car engine

2021 Lincoln Town Car 0-60 mph and the Top speed

Both of the given engines for the 2021 Lincoln Town Car have the same properties when it comes to acceleration and top speed. The highest speed is labeled at 130 mph while the 0-60 mph acceleration is around 6 seconds.

Safety features

It is highly possible that the 2021 Lincoln Town Car comes with some advanced safety systems. The model will improve upon this by adding new types of equipment that will be available both optionally and standard. It includes parking sensors, airbags, and seat belts, as part of the usual setup for the car, while the advanced ones will be announced in due time. Expect to see an updated Navigation system and door locks as well.

Rivaling Cars

The main rivals of the new 2021 Lincoln Town Car will be the 2021 Lexus LS, 2021 Chrysler 300C, Mercedes-Benz S500, and 2021 Cadillac CTS, etc.

History of Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln Town Car is a top-class luxury sedan first released on the market in 1981. This model was also converted into a limousine and became the most used limousine in Canada and the USA. In former years, the Town Car was selected as a Presidential State Car of United States, and this model comes in various special editions such as Jack Nicklaus, Spinnaker Edition, Cypress Edition, Diamond Anniversary and Regatta Edition. The car was produced in three separate generations: first from 1981 to 1989, secondly from 1990 to 1997 and lastly from 1998 to 2011.

The car is based on a rear-wheel-drive, sharing mechanical components and chassis with the Ford Crown Victoria model. The Lincoln Town Car was assembled at Wixom Assembly at Wixom, MI. The Town Car became the longest mass-produced luxury sedan assembled in the Western Hemisphere until 2003. Also, the Town Car marked the introduction of some significant new technologies and features, such as 4-speed overdrive automatic transmissions, fuel-injected engines, and keyless entry.

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