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2021 Mercedes A45 AMG Release Date, Price and Specs

2021 Mercedes A45 AMG

There is a 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG project in the making but there are a lot of things which are still not clear about it. The pictures of the forthcoming car have recently emerged and we saw that a camouflaged vehicle is getting ready for a release, but there is a shroud of secrecy surrounding it still which does not tell us what it could possibly be.

The current third generation of Mercedes A-Class vehicles have been unveiled in 2012 and it was at the Geneva Auto Show where we first got to see the given vehicles. The time has come for this car to slowly transition into its fourth-gen models which are in preparation. But it appears that the model seen from the pictures is not the next-gen one, it is actually something completely different.

The latest news state that a hotter A45 AMG model is in the making and that the car which we can see in the pictures is actually a range-topping variant of the future car. There are many speculations for now as they might call this one the A45 S or A45 R, or even Black Series as well, but the thing is that the car will help the fans transition into the next phase of A45 AMG cars a lot smoother.

The release date might come sooner than we expect it to come for the 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG so we are hopeful for a great model and this review will tell you the current stats and expectations about the model.


2021 Mercedes A45 AMG exterior

When can we Expect the Release Date for the 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG?

The newest 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG is still under development but it looks that it is in its mid-stage of the development stage. The vehicle looks as if it could be a very lucrative offer for the segment and actually provides a very good and moderate look. But the release date is not going to be possible before 2021. So we are certain that this model will appear somewhere within the first quarter of 2021. Unfortunately, the current news states that his 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG version will probably not be available for the US market, but they can still change their minds and offer it down throughout the year.

What is the Expected Price?

As far as the pricing for the 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG goes it is still to be determined. The current version costs around 40,000 pounds, or somewhere around $48,976 if we exchange it into dollars. With more power to this model and an expanded offer we are expecting this variant to cost more, so actually somewhere in the range of 45,000 pounds, or $55,098.

First Glimpses of the Exterior of the 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG

At a glance, the newest version of the 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG actually looks pretty much similar to the outgoing one. The front fascia has a grille bisected by two horizontal chrome trim lines and it connects to the LED-equipped headlights. Also added are daytime running lights, and below the housing, for the lights, there are large, deep intakes that mirror the headlight shape. The lower grilles also have a bisecting line but this time there is a splitter added.

When viewing the car from the side we see a classic hatchback shape with a flat roofline that terminates in a rear duckbill spoiler. The shoulder line gives off a sense of the car leaning forward a bit while the side skirts are for now hidden under the camo. Also visible are the seven-spoke wheels. The rear end seems to be completely unchanged and it appears that they have decided to carry over the lower diffuser and also add a black insert with two sets of twin square exhaust pipes.

Although things do not seem so much changed for the 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG there are some parts that are still not shown and which we have to wait for. The chassis and suspension details will probably play a bigger part this time.

What’s Cooking on the Inside?


2021 Mercedes A45 AMG interior

We managed to get a short glimpse of the inside of the 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG and found out that it looks pretty awesome. The race-inspired theme is a very good one and it also helps when we know that the car is equipped with lots of goodies as well. The very first thing we noticed is the three-spoke, square-shaped, multifunction steering wheel which is of course wrapped in leather and has contrast stitching. There are also shift paddles added so they direct the dual-clutch transmission.

On the dash, there are going to be some carbon fiber materials added. There is also going to be more metal added which is supposed to outline the infotainment controls and above it, there is going to be a tablet displayed. There is an additional driver’s information display in the center of the gauge cluster.

The bolstered sports seats come with red trim and it will also be featured for the air vents and armrests of the central tunnel. As part of the infotainment, there is also the added Apple CarPlay support.

Drivetrain and Engine Specs

There is a great possibility that the  2021 Mercedes A45 AMG vehicle will be using the same engine from the current model, but it is going to be somewhat upgraded. The current models use the four-cylinder 2.0-liter platform and develop 381 horsepower, plus 350 pound-feet of torque at 2,250 rpm. Also added is a four wheels drive via a 4Matic AWD system and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. But with the 2021 A45 AMG, we expect the current offer to be upgraded and that we get more power under the belt of the car. Thus it is expected that the model might pass 370 pound-feet of torque and an even 400 horsepower.


2021 Mercedes A45 AMG engine

0-60 mph and Top Speed

Currently, there are no stats available for the 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG and its acceleration and top speed, but there are some assumptions that need to be made. The current car manages to get to 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph. With the upgrades added to this performance-orientated version, we see that car managing this feat even below 4 seconds, which would be magnificent to have.

Fuel Economy Ratings and Expectations

Currently, the 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG fuel economy is not something that we can talk about. It is still not sure what they plan on doing and whether it will help the car spend less. But the performance-orientated improvements will increase the power of the car but nothing was said about fuel consumption. This is something that will probably be addressed and the information will emerge soon.

Some Chassis and Dimensional Changes

There are some interesting changes made for the body of the 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG model. Underpinning the car is a W176 MFA architecture and half of it will stay the same for the 2021 version but the W176 will get an update with the generational changes, but we also think that the fastest A45 AMG will keep its W176. This means that there are going to be some changes with the new 2021 model which starts with the track which is going to be increased. Also, this means that there is going to be a reduction of weight as well making it somewhat lesser than the 1,555 kg or 3,428 pounds. This is being achieved with the addition of some lightweight materials and aluminum also.

Will there be any Improvements in Terms of Safety?

The newest 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG will also need to address some safety features but for now, we are only certain that the cornet ones are going to return and be used again. This means that safety and driving assistance systems like the autonomous braking function in Collision Prevention Assist Plus, Traffic Sign Assist or the improved Attention Assist will be featured once again. There are possibilities that some expansions are made which will be adapted to the performance of the car.

What Rivaling Cars can we Expect?

With this newest version of the 2021 Mercedes A45 AMG being released, we also consider some rivaling models which are going to appear as well. The most suitable or actually the vehicles which are going to be the biggest rivals for this car include the Audi RS3 Sportback and the BMW M140I. A pretty nice company if you ask me.

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