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2021 Mercedes Benz G Class Release Date, Price and Redesign

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class review

After a long time, we are finally looking at a fully remolded 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class car. This is not just a mere updated where the wagon will change some pieces and make things work together well and better, this is a full-on generation change that we are talking about. This model is a very popular vehicle and has been around for almost 40 years and is one that deserves a change of this proportion.

The G-Class is also known as the G-Wagon or the Geländewagen and has served for many different uses already. Besides being the go-to vehicle for the German army, it was also used to battle different kinds of terrains all around the world and even got to appear on some sophisticated streets in California. This model is frequently also a vehicle of choice for the rich and the famous thanks to its size and ability

Besides the base version, there is also the more powerful AMG version as well. The insanely powerful G65 AMG comes with a twin-turbocharged V-12 engine and uses a G65 AMG 6×6 with its three Portal axles and pickup bed.

After the spy photos emerged we quickly came to learn that this is not your regular update for the vehicle. We are actually happy to see that a model like the G Class is getting a generation change vehicle. It will bring new light for the model and make the fans happy and based on the released photos we were able to gather a lot of interesting information before the release date of the vehicle.


2021 Mercedes Benz G Class exterior

When is the Release Date for the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class?

The 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class has just been announced, so there is less information that is regarded as the release date of the car. The wagon is certainly going to appear by 2021 as they stated that they are going for a release by then. Judging on how the pictures look and also confirmed by the current information, this is a possibility for the car and we might just get to see it by then.

What is the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class Price?

The prices are certainly going to increase for the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class car. This is a new generation model so it is clear to assume that this one is going to get a price bump. The current lineup of G-Wagon models starts with a price of $119,900 for the G550, $139,000 for the AMG G63 and the top pick is the AMG G65 and a price of $217,900, all given as a base MSRP price. The new 2021 version is predicted to start at $125,000.

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class Exterior Changes and Updates

By looking at the test mule for the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class we can immediately notice that the car has been widened. The model gets a dimension change which will increase the interior spacing for the car. The front end of the car expands outward from a narrow grille and there is some extra width that is added to both sides of the headlights. The full width begins just before the A-pillars but still manages to keep the iconic look of the G-Wagon we are already accustomed to.

The entire vehicle will retain its iconic looks and design. The fender flares are still there and also the low beltline. The flat side glass and roof have been retained and the nearly vertical windshield will be provided here as well. The rear end features the same kind of design with the spar tire added there as well. The changes brought are certainly going to address the headlights and add some LEDs, and also spotted are the additions of tow hitch, which means that the utilitarian nature of the car is also kept.

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class Interior Design and Appearance

The inside has not been revealed so far for the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class, but we can assume that it is going to get treatment as the current model has. There are going to be all kinds of interior accommodations featured on the inside. The current one borrows all kinds of design cues and features from the S-Class and E-Class sedan models. We can expect the same to be done for the 2021 but certainly far less swoopy than the featured cars.

We can also expect that the standard front bucket, rear bench design be utilized here as well which will consequently provide more room in the cargo bay behind the second row of seats. Even with the added inside spacing, the third row of seats will probably not be added.


2021 Mercedes Benz G Class interior

Engine Option and Power

It is predicted that the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class will add some new powertrain options. The ones that are going to be included are certainly both diesel and gasoline variants. In the US we can expect that a 4.0-liter biturbo V-8 gets to be utilized. This engine is supposed to make 416 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque, but until the release date of the car, it might be updated to add even more power than currently. The engine will be combined with the Mercedes’ seven-speed automatic transmission and will come with 4WD and full-time AWD system with low range gears.


2021 Mercedes Benz G Class engine

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class 0-60 mph Acceleration and Top Speed

Using the base version of the engine the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class was able to accelerate to 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds, while the G63 AMG version achieved that in 5.4 seconds. As we only have the information that the base engine is making a comeback, but with updated properties, we can also assume that the current rate might be shed by a few tenths of a second.

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class Fuel Economy and Ratings

With regards to fuel economy specs for the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class, we are expecting them to be more or less the same. There are no current indications for the model to shed weight and it will give us almost the same kind of EPA rating. With the current model making an EPA record of 13 mpg city, 14 highway, 13 combined, with the current engine those specs might return.

Dimensions and Trunk Space

The dimensions for the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class are going to be changed. But the currently known information is that the car is going to be wider. This was not a problem for the past vehicle and it always had great interior spacing and design which was appreciated. But with the new kind of setup for this vehicle, we can expect the car to be wider and bring us added inside comfort. Also confirmed is the trunk capacity that also gets a few added nods as well.

Safety Settings

The new 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class will hopefully update the safety settings for the car. The previous version was not tested by either the IIHS or the NHTSA, but based on the weight and the lack of active safety features it did not post such grand numbers. As far as the standard equipment is concerned radar cruise control and blind-spot monitors, as well as a backup camera and parking sensors. It helps with the rear visibility for the car which is not all that great, to be honest. The latest version of the G-Class will update the features and we are hoping to get a much better safety rating compared to the last one.

Rivals List

The SUV segment will welcome the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class with open hands, but there you will find some already present models that might thwart the opportunity of getting to be at the top of the segment. Cars like Land Rover Range Rover and Lexus LX570 are some that we are used to seeing in the luxury segment and provide a big obstacle. But the legendary name of the G Wagon will give it its own edge for sure.

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