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2021 Pontiac GTO Release Date, Price and Redesign

2021 Pontiac GTO review

The iconic return of the 2021 Pontiac GTO is no longer a rumor nor a myth but a confirmed fact that the legend is officially back. The GTO was among the most popular American muscular car ever made and has remained the undisputed Pontiac trademark for ages. Named the ‘judge’ it has actually opened the way for many cars especially from this brand and has re-ignited the muscle car segment of the US. It is projected to hit the stands real soon which undeniably hosts some technological enhancements as well as much needed redesigns for modern-looking cars. The base design has remained much the same as the 70’s model but will certainly have some add-ons for a facelift while still maintaining the traditional look and much power for power-hungry fans.


2021 Pontiac GTO exterior

2021 Pontiac GTO price and Release Date

The official release date of the 2021 Pontiac GTO has not yet been made public but you should expect the muscle car to be made available during the first quarter of 2021. The price tag is pegged at around 25,000 dollars which could skyrocket to almost 60,000 dollars depending on the customer preferences of the specs.

2021 Pontiac GTO Exterior Design

As aforementioned, the new 2021 Pontiac GTO will be based on the 1979 model but still factoring in some major technological and modern facelifts. The overall exterior design has still been maintained to a larger extent, at the front of the car is a split grille together with the trademark badge of the Pontiac cars and the HID headlights are positioned just below the grille. Air scoops have also been added on the hood. At the back the GTO has new tailgates, a redesigned of the hind trunk and a fabulous rear wing. At the car’s rear is a twin exhaust pipe protruding. While tasked with the responsibility of keeping the car balanced are 20-inch wheels.

2021 Pontiac GTO Interior Design

The 2021 Pontiac GTO has embraced a more traditional look good enough to maintain a competitive edge. The seats have a much more redesigned stitching away from the previous design in order to fit in the modern design dispensation. The tone inside is black with a combination of orange stitching which will prove to be quite nostalgic for GTO lovers. The comfort has not been compromised which makes the driving experience a worthy endeavor. The redesigns are much conspicuous rather than the dashboard which vaguely resembles the older one. New additions include a GPS navigation unit, custom gauges, an all-new touch screen display, and multifunctional steering.


2021 Pontiac GTO interior

Engine for 2021 Pontiac GTO

For a muscle car like the 2021 Pontiac GTO then the engine should be conspicuous enough to cause a scene whenever driven. The judge does not disappoint since there is a V8 6.2L engine that has the capability of delivering 426HP which is more than enough to get this wonderful creature started.


2021 Pontiac GTO engine

This combined with a six-speed gearbox, custom hydraulic roller camshafts, and long tube SLP headers make the 2021 Pontiac GTO the most hardcore car unseen nowhere before and which will leave spectators appealed.


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