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2021 Suzuki Swift Release Date, Price and Exterior

2021 Suzuki Swift review

The news about the 2021 Suzuki Swift has been confirmed with the new spy photos seen recently. There were first rumors that the car spotted was actually the Swift Sport but it was later discovered by looking a little bit closer than the car in front of us is indeed a newly developed Suzuki Swift car.

This model will mainly be aimed at the Indian market. Surprisingly so, but this car is the most sold automobile in the country and is a popular choice among the compact hatchback fans. Since the competition has been growing and has been making its own models in recent years, the vehicle has been getting more and more attention. So in order to beat the competition, they decided to update the Suzuki Swift and bring it as a 2021 model.

Beating the growing competition is not easy as they have realized what needs to be done, but Suzuki already has all the strings in their own hands and they are not reluctant to pull them. Thus the 2021 Suzuki Swift seems as if it is going to retain its design language and retain the DNA of the outgoing model but it will also add quite a lot. The pictures show us a much more aggressive-looking vehicle which will be very appreciative of the market.

Here is our take on the 2021 Suzuki Swift and some news about its release date.


2021 Suzuki Swift exterior

When is the Release Date of the 2021 Suzuki Swift Expected?

We are probably going to get the 2021 Suzuki Swift by either the middle or by the end of 2020. The car has been getting more and more hype recently and since the development looks to be going steadily the first showcasing might come pretty soon. The initial market is still India so we are expecting to get a release date for that market first and then later at its other respective markets.

What is the Price which we can Expect?

Since the new 2021 Suzuki Swift will make its debut in India first, the price is only available for that country for now. The US prices will be available a little bit later. For now, the initial base Suzuki Swift model is priced INR. 5 Lakh, while the high-end models will be given at INR. 8 Lakhs.

A New and Aggressive Style for the 2021 Suzuki Swift

When it comes to the details about the exterior of the 2021 Suzuki Swift, it is perhaps enough to say that this is an aggressive-looking car. The car has not changed so much mechanically and we still see the same silhouette of the car, but the changes are apparent and they bring us a sportier appearance of the Swift. Some details that have been done include the new single-frame grille in the front which is framed with bigger headlamps. There are some fog lamps placed towards the lower lip of the car and both the front and rear profile are upgraded thanks to the newly added alloy wheels. The profile looks a little bit different as the A and B pillars are pained in black and there is a different lip spoiler placed on the roof of the car. The rear end of the car is a bit slimmer and it also adds new LED lights

The new Swift takes a lot of inspiration from the Belano model. The main difference between the cars is the size though. The Swift is shorter while the wheelbase is longer compared to the Belano model. Also, the weight of the 2021 Suzuki Swift has significantly reduced thanks to the new lightweight frame the car adds and it only amounts now to a total of 890 kilograms.

The Interior of the Car is Much More Modern Looking

As far as the details of the inside of the 2021 Suzuki Swift are concerned, we have a much more modern car on our hands. The details and the entire setup is a little bit different and you immediately feel the new contemporary atmosphere as you enter inside the car. The dash has changed stylistically and there is a completely new touchscreen in the very center of the car. We also see the new multifunction steering wheel with a flat bottom which is a nice touch as well. The seats also have a new look and are updated with fresh new upholstery and cool new additions.


2021 Suzuki Swift interior

Drivetrain of the 2021 Suzuki Swift

As far as the engine which provides the power to the 2021 Suzuki Swift, there are several options that are going to do so. The base one is the petrol engine with a displacement of 1.2 liters and the ability to make 67 Ps and 118 Nm of torque. Next in line is the mid-model which uses the same kind of an engine but one which is tuned up differently so it is capable of making 70 Ps of peak power and 170 Nm of torque. The top tier model uses a 3 cylinder, 1.0 liter, engine that gives us 101 Ps. The transmission choices fall to the 5-speed manual transmission or a CVT unit which you can use both.

With the given stats, the newest 2021 Suzuki Swift is not going to improve upon the acceleration rate so much. The top speed will remain the same as the outgoing model, namely 121 mph, while the acceleration time is going to be at around 10.6 seconds as it is estimated.


2021 Suzuki Swift engine

Fuel Economy and Consumption

The stats for the new 2021 Suzuki Swift and the amount of fuel it consumes is still not available to us. The current model is pretty good but we are still not sure if they are going to improve upon it so much. The current model consumes 5.5liters per 100 km and as such is a fairly rated model. Although every improvement that we get is a good one we do not see how much will this one improve upon the current situation.

The Same Dimensions as Before

The newest 2021 Suzuki Swift vehicle will not change the dimensions and will remain the same in that sense. The size of the car is pretty good and the upcoming update did not change anything about it. The size goes to 3840 mm while the width is 1695 mm, the height amounts to 1500 mm and the wheelbase of the Swift is 2450 mm now.

Safety Specifics

What the Japanese manufacturer has done for its 2021 Suzuki Swift car is to update it with expanded safety options. The standard equipment includes seven airbags, Rear defogger, ABS with EBD, reverse parking camera and ESP and Hill Hold Assist, while optionally you can get Dual Camera Brake Support, a speed limiter, and Lane Departure Warning.

Rivaling Models

The 2021 Suzuki Swift will face some competing vehicles as there are some brands that gained potential when it comes to the new models. But before it was mainly unopposed in the segment. Perhaps the closest competition comes from Skoda Fabia, Ford Fiesta and Seat Ibiza models, but the Swift will probably retain the number one position after this update.

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