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2021 Tesla Model X Release Date, Price and Exterior

Of late, the internet has been buzzing with spy pictures and rumors about the upcoming new 2021 Tesla Model X. Well, we had an opportunity to get insider views about what we should expect of the new vehicle and penned down the most relevant information for you in this review, so keep reading on for the details.

For starters, the Tesla Model X is a family-friendly electric SUV that belongs to a class of its own thanks to its plethora of distinct features that help separate it from the rest of the crowd. This vehicle will be an immediate darling to anyone who’s impressed by evolutionary designs and impressive road manners like what you get with the Model X. It returns with its large gullwing door openings that make entry and exit as smooth as can be; it offers enough range for daily use; a brawny acceleration; and a choice of 5, 6 and 7-passenger seating configurations.

Model X has attracted a substantial amount of commentary over the past couple of years. Despite having its fair share of criticism, Model X offers impressive features that most of its rivals in its class fall short of. Most notable among these include value – its price point is simply beyond any other electric vehicle; performance and luxury are among its top-selling attributes, and its sleek and seductive looks remain impressive even for the harshest critic.


2021 Tesla Model X exterior

The 2021 Tesla Model X is for buyers looking for a larger version of the Model S. The cabin offers lots of usability for anyone looking for a larger vehicle. You get a choice of five, six, and seven-passenger seating configuration depending on your hauling needs. the material quality as you’d correctly guess are of top quality but you can get even better ones for top trim models.

Inside, most of the controls are embedded in the massive central touchscreen display as such you’ll find the dashboard almost completely bereft of most controls. Frankly speaking, a newbie might find the central touchscreen a daunting task when trying to look for something specific, but for the rest of the users who know a thing or two about the Model X or at least used the Model S, will find the display has a sharp interface and is fast responding.

A fully equipped 2021 Tesla Model X, according to some quarters, should be able to tow a maximum of around 5,000 pounds. However, the towing might vary depending on the size of the wheels. Again, the Model X hasn’t been designed for heavy towing applications because of its limiting range that dips precipitously when subjected to demanding towing needs.

How Does Pricing Compare & When Is Its Release Date

Matters relating to its release date are yet to be announced as of to date. As regards the price, we don’t see any incremental changes over the current price that starts at $94,200.

Just How Does The 2021 Tesla Model X Drive

With its combination of relative silence, ferocity, and instantaneousness, the Model X and by extension the Model S makes acceleration from low speeds surreal. And for a car of its size, most people will find its handling quite commendable. Those who’ve driven the Model S might, however, find the Model X’s ride quality not as supple.

According to some reports, the new 2021 Tesla Model X is set to get new hardware and software upgrades. However, we’d suggest anyone looking to get a more detailed long-term reliability for the Model S to run some research as this SUV lacks a long-term reliability score. Tesla, to that end, offers a drive unit warranty and an infinite-mile battery.

Exterior Features & Interior Changes You Should Expect

When it comes to the interior and exterior of the latest 2021 Tesla Model X, rumor mills have it that the new model will continue to offer the best there can possibly be in terms of usability, material quality, and entertainment. To start off with, the exterior visibility provided by the panoramic windshield and side windows is very expansive. The proximity sensors, cluster display, and the wide backup camera work well.

While its infotainment display compares to none in terms of the ease of use, some driver assistance features seem half baked. Although it works perfectly on short daily trips, those with the intent of using it for the long haul should use it with a skeptical eye due to its severe effect on time and range.

In terms of passenger space, users will find the space up front quite ample. The skylight windows at the back also make the headroom space at the back respectable. The second-row legroom, however, can be better. At the back end, the third-row seating should only be reserved for children.

The large gullwing opening of the doors makes ingress and egress as easy as can be especially for this large SUV. However, this opening might be restricted in tight spots. Also, garages with low ceilings are problematic.

Finally, acceleration for this electric SUV is instantaneous and outstanding. While its weight is something else on its own, it drives and handles like a lighter vehicle. For an SUV that weighs 5,500 pounds, the Model X is a rare breed as it offers unequaled agility.


2021 Tesla Model X interior

Our Conclusion

The new 2021 Tesla Model X just like its immediate predecessor is expected to return in only four variants – 75d, 90D, 100D, and the fully-folded P100D model. Be aware however that Tesla keeps changing its variants every once in a while to keep up with its vision. So in our conclusion, we find the Tesla Model X to be a very sensible option for people looking for an electric car that offers acres of passenger space, unique exterior and interior features, and a price point so low that it finds itself in a class of its own.

Engine Performance

We still expect the 2021 Tesla Model X to come equipped with the 328 horsepower – 75kW battery but with an improved range above the current 237 miles currently offered. The highest output should remain around 532 horsepower. With this ludicrous power beneath its hood, the P90D should be able to get from 0-60 mph in just 3.3 seconds.


2021 Tesla Model X engine

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