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2021 Toyota 4Runner Release Date, Price and Redesign

2021 Toyota 4Runner review

If you are looking for an exploration vehicle, then the 2021 Toyota 4Runner is the best car for you. This model will get its well-deserved update for the 2021 model year and although it has gone unchanged for a while, they are still not giving it a substantial refresh. We can get a lot more of the old stuff here which is still considered a functional part of the car.

The 4Runner offers the usual kind of premise and design as well. It still holds its usual kind of design that we have already gotten used to seeing. In a world filled with great city-orientated SUVs that offer comfort and drivability, there is no place for a car like the 4Runner is. But if you want a reliable vehicle that offers four wheels and four-wheel drive, there is no better car to use.

The car is going to be offered at different trim levels for the upcoming year and we are going to get a lineup that includes the SR5, TRD Off-Road, TRD Pro, and Limited trim levels. The late Trail trim has been renamed as the TRD Off-Road for the upcoming year and it shows us which direction the 4Runner is taking with its evolution.

The newly released pictures suggested that the release date is near for the model so we are preparing a review with all the latest information about the car.

Update: Getting a new 2021 Toyota 4Runner seems like big news for most of the fans. The newest model inherits the traditional design and purpose that the 4Runner became familiar with. You cannot expect it to get any different and it is a model which has always given us what it was meant to be and what it was made for. We got some updated information about the car which helps ups determine done new things about it and it comes just ahead of its release date. The purpose of the Toyota 4Runner is to travel off-road and make the most out of its offer. It is the best off-road model in the segment except for the Jeep Wrangler in terms of its off-roading ability.

The biggest advantage of the 2021 Toyota 4Runner is not its off-road ability only. It is the spaciousness that it proves as well. The model is large and roomy and has an immense cargo load. It does not host a lot of modernistic pieces, but it has that old-school charm that a lot of true fans maybe looking for. But its on-road capability is not as good as its off-road ability is. Also, the update did not include that many changes on the inside, so we are stuck with plastic inside. Also, they are still using the aging powertrain which may not be as a good choice as it ones were.

All in all, the 2021 4Runner might be facing more difficulties when being compared to the competition.

Here are some recent updates which have been released since the last time we talked about this car.


2021 Toyota 4Runner exterior

When is the Release Date for the 2021 Toyota 4Runner?

We are expecting to see the 2021 Toyota 4Runner pretty soon. Actually based on the offered information, the car is going to get its release date at the start of 2021. The car gets an upgrade and we are still getting spy photos of it but it is clear that the redesign is not going to feature too many changes.

Update: Last time we reported that the 2021 Toyota 4Runner is going to come in at the very start of 2021. Now with the updated info about the car, we see that we are not far from the truth. The model is being announced as being ready for release in February of 2021. It is a great piece of news that helps us determine the car’s future much easier. It also means that we are looking into some better sales numbers which could be higher in its first few months of sales.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Price

The starting price for the 2021 Toyota 4Runenr is going to be similar to before. You will be able to get the car at a price of 34,210 USD for the base version. The TRD Off-Road is available at 37,335 USD, the Premium is 37,915 USD, the TRD Pro you can get for 42,200 USD while the Limited is 42,525 USD. All of these prices are current MSRP ratings and we suspect that it is going to be kept in the same neighborhood for the future model.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Exterior Redesign

There is no denying the ruggedness and the strength the 2021 Toyota 4Runner is able to exemplify. This car is pretty much recognizable everywhere it goes and it showcases what the brand has been all about all this time. This is why they feel reluctant to change it and are mostly keeping to a kind of design that we have been used to seeing all along for this model. The 2021 version is going to continue on the same path and we can see from the pictures that they are not changing a whole lot for the car.

It keeps true to its sport-utility tradition and keeps its wagon body from front to end. The tires are enormous and the clearance is pretty high, which additionally makes it a brawny car. The SR5 and TRD models are pretty similar and they share most of its designs, but the TRD Pro does come with a unique retro-esque grille with “Toyota” spelled out on it. The Limited models are recognizable because they add more chrome to it than other models.

Update: Most of the changes for the 2021 Toyota 4Runner come on the outside. They have decided to update the car and at least make it look modern. The updates also include some news about the outside and it includes some new color pallets. We now have the Midnight Black Metallic and Super White which were previously available only for the TRD versions now available for the base one. As far as the TRD, it too will get a new and exclusive color option, namely the Cavalry Blue.

There are also news about the Wilderness Package. It will include bars to the roof rack and will also bring some minor interior enhancements to go with it as well. The TRD Off-Road and TRD Off-Road Premium models also get an exclusive choice, some 17-inch matte-gray wheels with a stamped aluminum front skid plate.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Interior Changes

The inside of the 2021 Toyota 4Runner keeps its traditional looks but manages to add some new details as well. The inside is pretty upright and offers you a commanding and clear view from the front windshield. The dashboard offers a blocky design, but it is still very functional and has a clear layout. You can find the off-road controls located in an overhead console that manages to keep the center stack controls separated and organized in a straightforward way. There is a second display added on the center stack and the steering wheel offers added controls for some new features of the car.

Update: There is one tiny piece updated for the 2021 Toyota 4Runner. Now with the Wilderness package, with the SR5, SR5 Premium, TRD Off-Road, and TRD Off-Road Premium trim, there are all-weather floor mats and a cargo tray added to the mix.


2021 Toyota 4Runner interior

Powertrain Options

The newest 2021 Toyota 4Runner will keep to its usual kind of powertrain with the new model. They are not going to change an already good and usable premise so we can expect to see the 4.0-liter V-6 engine making a comeback. The engine offers an output of 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet and is going to be combed with a 5-speed automatic transmission. The towing capacity of the car is one of its greatest assets and it sits at 5,000 pounds.


2021 Toyota 4Runner engine

2021 Toyota 4Runner 0-60 mph Acceleration Ability

The 2021 Toyota 4Runner can actually boast with its acceleration speed. It will be the same as before and we can say that it has a very good offer based on the segment it occupies and the design and weight of the car. It can make 0-60 mph in 7.6 seconds and still boasts a top speed of 115 mph.

Fuel Economy Capacity

The 2021 Toyota 4Runner will not offer immense EPA ratings. The off-road capabilities of the car have to be paid in some way and the fuel consumption of the car is the way to do it. It will still have an EPA rating of 17 mpg city, 22 highway, 19 combined for the rear-wheel-drive versions while the 4-wheel-drive models provide a 17/21/18 mpg. So if you are planning on owning this car be prepared to spend a lot of fuel for it.

Dimension Rates

The 2021 Toyota 4Runner  is pretty enormous and so was the vehicle which came before it. The car is able to boast with some great dimensions and specs when it comes to its size. But this is what the car is all about. Toyota has managed to offer a unique car when it comes to its capacity and off-road ability so it is no wonder how strong and big the car is. The overall lengths remain at 190.7 in and a wheelbase of 109.8 in. The car is 75.8 in high and 72.0 in wide. The passenger volume is still kept at 124 cu ft, but the trunk capacity is pretty small with only 9 cu ft. The overall curb weight is still pretty high and it stands at 4400-4850 lb.

Safety Systems and Equipment

The new 2021 Toyota 4Runner will offer a standard set of safety features. We can hope to see all kinds of anti-collision features with stability control and anti-lock brakes and eight airbags including front knee airbags as well. The rearview camera comes standard and is offered across the whole lineup. The previous model had a 4-star overall crash rating given by the NHTSA, while the IIHS has given it an overall “Good” rating. They might try and improve on some of the current specs by changing a few things.

Rivaling Models

The 2021 Toyota 4Runner is a very unique vehicle so it is even hard to determine which rivaling models it will have. There are a number of SUV orientated cars but also those which offer off-road capabilities as well. Yet the models that are certainly going to be featured in the segment include such models as Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, Lexus GX460 and the latest Subaru Outback as well.

Infotainment Updates

The scarce offer which the 2021 Toyota 4Runner has means that we were hoping for certain updates that could provide us with something new. Unfortunately, they did not happen and the model will go yet another year without the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay that most people were expecting to appear. Either way, the 4Runner is a car from a different era and it does have its advantages, but they are not going to ride on the past success for so long.

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