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2021 Toyota Alphard Release Date, Price, Design Overview

2021 Toyota Alphard review

The news about a fresh 2021 Toyota Alphard is spreading fast again. When we mentioned the old van we immediately think the 80s, at which time this model was immensely popular and when it received a lot of its acclaim. But being released for the frost time in 1977 does not mean that this car will go down without a fight. In fact the model is now scheduled for a return and it will be released as a 2021 version.

Although this model had brief stints in the American market a long time ago, it did not manage to hold on for too long, so it was reworked. But this does not mean that the popularity of the Alphard has subsided in other markets. The home market of Japan and some other Asian markets still value the great setup which this van is able to provide to the audiences. That is why it is very exciting to learn that they are bringing back the model once again and that the car is going to be offered first in Japan and Malaysia, and after that we might expect releases in other markets.

When the pictures of the new 2021 Toyota Alphard hit the market, we immediately saw that we are in for a great new offer. Although the news about the car is close there are still many things which are going to be unfamiliar about the car. We had to do a little bit of digging to comprise the review but here are all the currently available informant about the model.


2021 Toyota Alphard exterior

Potential Release Date of the 2021 Toyota Alphard?

The rumors about the 2021 Toyota Alphard have been confirmed and the car will be available by 2021. But unfortunately all the people who are expecting to see it on the US soil are going to be disappointed. The model will first make its initial appearance in Japan and then it will hit Malaysia and the Philippines, which are its most popular markets.

Estimated Price

For now we only have an estimation on how much the 2021 Toyota Alphard will cost. The initial estimations are set at a figure of about 3, 197, 782 yen per unit, which will roughly be translated into about $27, 000.

Exterior Details and Design

The exterior design of the newest 2021 Toyota Alphard will have the same kind of basis that it always had. The model is going to be updated a bit and will incorporate a different kind of tone. As the previous models were characterized by being bold and upright, the newest 2021 update will combined the boldness with luxury. The model will probably be a very good combination of both and according to the initially released pictures, it really looks kind of good. The smaller changes that have been made are seen in the front end of the car where the car has a bold new grille, which is still characteristic and looks similar to the one from before. The headlamps and the bumper also received some new reshaping, while the body of the car is still as boxy and massive as it was but the car now has some body details that make it a bit slimmer and also modern looking.

Interior Cues


2021 Toyota Alphard interior

The inside of the new 2021 Toyota Alphard will inherit the current setup and will update it in the same manner as the exterior has been made. The inside will fashion details like new materials, a totally different tone and also a completely new offer of technology which sees the car adopt a lot of contemporary parts. The car manages to adopt some luxury pieces and that was the whole idea behind the refresh. The car will get a much higher and expanded offer which is bolstered with details that are making the car much comfortable than before and one which has an expanded use.

Powertrain Options and Ability

As they have announced, there are going to be two powertrains available for the 2021 Toyota Alphard. The model is supposed to use the 2.5-liter four-banger and a 3.6-liter V-6. There have been some teases with a hybrid AWD option but this news was not confirmed. The latter engine is reregistered of being able to make 271hp and 340Nm but the numbers for the car have yet to be officially confirmed.


2021 Toyota Alphard engine

Possible 0-60 mph Acceleration

The specs for the 2021 Toyota Alphard have not been officially calculated yet and one of them is also the acceleration ability. The model will probably be able to get to 0-60 mph in under 9 seconds but this has to be confirmed. The top speed that is generated is around 110 mph.

Fuel Economy Specifications

For now, it has only been released that the 2021 Toyota Alphard is supposed to have an average fuel consumption rate of 4.5 to 5 liters. This is a passable and an appropriate fuel consumption rate which all the cars in the segment are capable of making. We would hope for the Alphard to get a little bit fuel efficient, but for now that is not a factor.

Dimension Rates

The newest 2021 Toyota Alphard will retain the same dimensions with its current model. This is still a part of its third-generation setup so the numbers will be equal to the ones featured the last time. The car will not go beyond 194.3 inches in length and a wheelbase of 120 inches. The height of the car is 77 inches while its width is 73 inches. The total curb weight of the car is 4,890 lb.

Safety Equipment

The 2021 Toyota Alphard is opposed to provide a very safe environment for the passengers. In fact we are predicting that the model will offer one of the safest setups that the brand has had. But there are not many confirmations made on what they are actually going to be. Yet you can expect the standard setup of both driver and passenger airbags, plus side/curtain airbags for some trims. The standards set of safety equipment also includes 2 x ISOFIX point and ABS, while rear seat passengers aren’t sat right up against the boot lid which significantly improves the crash test scores.


The segment in which the 2021 Toyota Alphard is going to compete in in Japan does not host a lot of models. Although the car is famous, there are not many models which might offer a kind of a competition. Thus there are alternatives for those who want something different. These are mainly going to be available for the Japanese market and the closest rivaling cars are the Nissan Elgrand and Honda Elysion.

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