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2021 Toyota Auris Release Date, Price and Specs

2021 Toyota Auris review

It appears that they are preparing for the release of a 2021 Toyota Auris. This information has only been but confirmed as there are many facts that support this claim, but no official statement has been made. We have seen some new photos of it and we see how the car will probably look and we also like the evolutionary approach to their hatchback model. It also shows us that we are probably going to get a really good new model.

There have been two generations of Auris vehicles so far, the first of them being made in 2006. The new model will not be a new generation model but only an update of the currently available second-generation design. All things point to a design that will not only be revolutionary in its appearance but also in its use.

The 2021 Toyota Auris will have its standalone features compared to the original version. When the Auris was made it was originally based on the Toyota Corolla model. This model will also use the Corolla for its basis but will include many other parts and features for its type of design.

The release date is getting closer so it was due time for us to make a review and provide you with the currently available information for the model.


2021 Toyota Auris exterior

When can we expect the Release Date for the 2021 Toyota Auris?

It was mentioned that the 2021 Toyota Auris will probably make its debut in the coming year. But a bit more realistic is a release date set for 2021, or rather the start of the year. The newest model is going to be released in Japan, but we do not have confirmation nor do we believe that audiences in America will get to see this model. Other respective markets in Asia will also benefit from this car.

What could the Potential Price be?

The price for the 2021 Toyota Auris is not officially provided. Given that it is currently offed only in Japanese currency, the transferred sum amounts to somewhere around 14,000 dollars. Since we are probably not going to see this model on the US market it is not certain whether this price will be a reliable estimation for the brand.

What Exterior Changes have been made?

The design of the 2021 Toyota Auris will be updated. The exterior will have a revolutionary look and will be a lot better compared to the outgoing model. They have decided to use an approach which will update the car aesthetically and also let it keep its unique details. In fact, the Auris will now be built on Toyota’s New MC platform and at the same time borrow some of its prime features from the Corolla model.

This model will also use some specific lightweight materials. Aluminum pieces and other alloys will make the body much sleeker and lighter but they will also add some specific pieces to its exterior as well. The already familiar bumper will be kept and the headlights will come with new LED lights. Also, the car rides on some newly appointed 19-inch alloy wheels as well.

Interior Characteristics


2021 Toyota Auris interior

The interior or the 2021 Toyota Auris is supposed to be characterized with useful equipment and great comfort. First of all, they made sure that the car is going to provide enough space for the passengers and have provided the interior with enough shoulder room and headroom. The seats will be covered with fine leather materials and the entire cabin will use a combination of grey and black, making the atmosphere both mysterious but also pleasant at the same time.

On the technical side of things, the model is supposed to get a large colored touchscreen which will be used to display all the vital information that is needed for the car. We also get an update zonal climate control system and the infotainment system will be compatible with Bluetooth, USB ports and Smartphone integration for a much better and contemporary offer.

Engine Offers for the 2021 Toyota Auris

It was announced that the new 2021 Toyota Auris will actually host a number of different powertrains. Some of them will be used for different markets and some will only be exclusively available for the base one. So in Japan people will be able to get a 1.2-liter I4 or a 1.6-liter I4 engine choice. The smaller one is supposed to produce 112 horsepower and the larger is slanted for 132 horsepower. Both of them will be using a 5-speed multimode/manual or 6-speed manual transmission. There is a rumored Toyota Auris Hybrid also underway, but that model will be released much later than the base one.


2021 Toyota Auris engine

0-60 mph

The newest 2021 Toyota Auris is going to be able to reach 0-60 mph in around 10 seconds. The stats have not been made official yet but according to the early estimations, it will also be capable of making 132 mph top speed.

What are the Fuel Economy Ratings?

Maybe it is early to tell, but it appears that the 2021 Toyota Auris will host some pretty decent fuel economy ratings. Power is not perhaps its strong suit but the fuel economy will certainly be. The model is estimated of making 27 mpg in city and 34 mpg on the highway. Which is pretty good and pretty decent for a model of this size and make. The model is regarded as one of the better ones when it comes to fuel economy specifications.

Dimension and Size

Dimensions are going to stay the same for the 2021 Toyota Auris model. Based on the currently released pictures and the newest look of the Auris car, it seems it will not change and will remain the same as it was. The changes are going to remain mainly aesthetic for the car and will probably be kept to such a level. Also, we do not see the car growing as it already hosts great interior spacing. Thanks to the interior setup the Auris cars have always offered great interior comfort and spacing and this one will do just the same.

Safety Characteristics

The new 2021 Toyota Auris model is also reported to having a collection of standard safety features. The equipment offered here is perhaps standard but it still keeps the passengers safe and protects them in any sort of a situation. What the car will be equipped includes cruise control, airbags, security alarms, stability control, and seatbelts. There are probably going to be some advanced safety features and specifications which will make the model even safer and these will be offered for higher trims of the car.


The 2021 Toyota Auris is not going to be alone in this segment. Worldwide, there are many cars that host similar specs and decent offers. These rivaling vehicles can also be found in Japan and other markets as well. The car which will be able to substitute the Auris model for you includes the Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf, 2021 Acura ILX, and Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

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