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2021 Toyota Crown Release Date, Price and Exterior

2021 Toyota Crown review

Toyota is bringing its 2021 Toyota Crown model for another go. This is a model which has been known for a long time now, it has been featured in the Asian market as long as people can remember and it started off in Japan back in 1955. If you have ever been to Japan or China chances are that you have ridden in one of these as there are many taxis using this model. But now the Crown is also known as being a go-to car for the bosses and government officials as well.

The Toyota Crown model has always had a good fan basis in its home country and it gave great appeal to the buyers. This is also helpful because of the variety of trims and models they have been able to put out. For instance, the Crown Athlete is a sportier version which the younger crowds like more. The Majesta is the range-topping version that uses a V-8 engine. And the Crown Royal Saloon is the latest version which is distrusted by Borneo Motors.

Borneo Motors also tried to share this car at some other markets, but unfortunately, the idea was not taken as easily as people did not want a more expensive saloon Toyota model as they already had some cheaper ones to pick from. In 2008 the car included a concept version that was using an all-new technology and a hybrid powertrain and it was the idea of introducing a new kind of vehicle on the market. Now with the 13th iteration of the Crown, they are finally going to go through with some of their previous ideas that they have conceived.


2021 Toyota Crown exterior

The pictures of the 2021 Toyota Crown were recently released and they state that a release date is afoot.

2021 Toyota Crown Release Date

For now, the release date of the 2021 Toyota Crown is only confirmed for the home market of Japan. The idea of releasing the car to other markets was not mentioned so far. We will probably not see the newest Crown appear in America any time soon and this one will be released for Japan, China, and other respectable Asian markets. If the 2021 Crown is followed by immense success then we can hope for a North American release.

What is the Potential Price?

This version of the 2021 Toyota Crown is for now not priced. The price will be given in Japanese currency and it will be offered once the release date is near. But for now, there is no exact evidence on which to base the potential price of the car. We are hoping to get more information available soon.

Updating the Exterior of the 2021 Toyota Crown

The exterior look of the newest 2021 Toyota Crown is pretty decent when you look at it. This one actually looks less conservative than the preceding vehicle and you can see that thanks to the curvy headlamps, a less upright grille design, and less rakish A-pillars. But the model will still preserve all of its characteristics, being formal and unexciting. The level of formality that this car is able to bring is pretty high and it is both its advantage and its doom. Since the car looks the way it looks it is pretty hard to get excited about it, but they have chosen the segment to feature it and they are sticking by it. An interesting part of the design is that the Toyota logo is seen only on the boot lid of the car for the exterior. The rest is on the inside.

More Luxury on the inside


2021 Toyota Crown interior

The interior of the 2021 Toyota Crown is actually much better. It boats with a lot of style and luxury and looks more like a Lexus than anything else. There is lots of wood and leather on the inside while the switches are stalk and tactile and everything works with the utmost efficiency that Toyota cars usually have. The front seats are plush and very comfortable and come with electronic adjustment and the steering wheel can also be adjusted as well.

Thanks to the longer wheelbase the inside of the car provides lots of space, especially more legroom. The headroom is also generous and there are certain air-vents which help the passengers feel a lot more comfortable and it gives them a way to relax more. Seating can be adjusted for climate control and it makes everything work a lot easier.

Engine Choice for the 2021 Toyota Crown

The newest 2021 Toyota Crown will share the engine variant with the GS300 model. It is a 3-liter V6 engine that makes 252bhp and 293Nm. It is a smooth option for this type of car and actually goes with the formal nature of the vehicle as well. Its superb performance is what also gives the car such advantage within executive types. The engine will also be mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox.


2021 Toyota Crown engine

0-60 mph and Top Speed

Thanks to the incorporated engine, the 2021 Toyota Crown is capable of making a 0-100km/h spring in just 7.2 seconds and it also has a top speed of 240km/h, making this car one of the faster and very suitable ones for the segment.

Latest Fuel Economy Specs

Based on the specs provided for the 2021 Toyota Crown, the car will make some suitable fuel consumption ratings. This leaves us with a score of 10.8 km/L which the designers have released for their new Crown vehicle.

Dimensions and Size

The newest 2021 Toyota Crown did not change its size based on the previous model. The car did not grow at all and the roomy features of the outgoing car were enough and only transferred. The model is still 4880 mm long, 1795 mm wide and 1470 mm high, while the wheelbase masseurs to 2850 mm. The curb weight is 1625 kg.

Safety Specifications

The newest 2021 Toyota Crown will also have the latest offered safety gear to come with it as well. Just some of the mentioned pieces if safety equipment include airbags, VDIM, VSC and so on, but the car will also be equipped with cruise control and HID headlamps among other things.

Rivaling Models

A nice car like the 2021 Toyota Crown is will probably be in the company of some immense models. This is a very luxury vehicle and the global market has a lot of their own to pit it against the newest Crown model. Some of the most memorable ones in the segment are the Audi A6 and the Jaguar XF which are probably the reason why the Crown does not sell in America yet. The success of this 2021 version of the Crown will determine the future.

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