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2021 Toyota MR2 Release Date & Review

2021 Toyota MR2 review

Speculations about the potential of a release of the 2021 Toyota MR2 haven been in talks for years now. The MR2 brands has been discontinued for two years now and at one point people were estimating that it was the last that we have seen from this brand, while other speculated and actually yearned to see the Toyota MR2 makes its ultimate comeback. The car has yet to be officially confirmed, but some statements made from the higher ups of Toyota and also based on the pictures that are generating the hype about this car, we can say that there is a big possibility that we might see this car make a comeback.

One statement that caught people’s attention was made by vice president of Toyota who said that the prospect of brining back the MR2 nameplate with a hybrid engine is the best choice and one which would make the most sense. But the return is still not clear as there are also indications that the model is probably going to be offered as a coupe model and not a roadster.

The Toyota MR2 model is still a very popular choice in the European market. Although old, the car still sells and manages to make some great selling figures which have maybe determined the fate of the car. All in all, in our view the comeback is imminent and the information that we have gathered will help you determine what to expect from the 2021 Toyota MR2 before the release date gets to be determined.


2021 Toyota MR2 exterior

2021 Toyota MR2 Release Date

Since the 2021 Toyota MR2 is reported to still be in its concept stage, the best that we can hope to see it is in late 2021. The release date will be determined when more development is made and when more strides to design the car have been established.

Potential Price for the Car

We might still be early in determining the price of the 2021 Toyota MR2 but estimations have been made to determine the pricing of the vehicle. The closest that we can get is that the starting price might be 30,000 dollars for the vehicle now. The figures might change and we can estimate it even going up which is a possibility if the hybrid powertrain gets to be implemented.

Exterior Concept

The look of the future 2021 Toyota MR2 will only partially mirror its original design. The model will probably be redesigned in a great manner leaving only some basic and trademark parts intact. The concept version that has been shown for now is very similar to the original design but has a slew of new details added for it. A lot of it may not seem to be production friendly and it will certainly change when the final product is established. But we predict that the car is going to keep a lot of the new elements. They are trying to fashion a model which will have contemporary details and one which will also provide a modern take to the old brand.

What are the Interior Systems?


2021 Toyota MR2 interior

For now, the interior of the 2021 Toyota MR2 has not been showcased too much. The details remain mostly hidden and we have not seen them. But what we do expect is a swoopy and racy type of an environment set on the inside of the car. But if they decide to go for a coupe kind of a vibe compared to a roadster-themed one, we see the coupe details dominating the interior of the car. This means that we might get comfort pieces that mean better materials and also some newly updated upholstery which comes with contrast stitching and some specific kind of details. The technological side might also improve and we might get to see more convenience and infotainment features added.

Powertrain Potential

This is where things get interesting for the 2021 Toyota MR2. There are many talks and speculations, but no real confirmation for now. The model is slanted to use a hybrid powertrain and the specifications about it have still not been made. They are hoping to retool this car into a more coupe like version and address the fuel economy of it. So the familiar roadster version will be toned down to a more down-to-earth car, which will become more of a cruising car than actually a racer one.


2021 Toyota MR2 engine

0-60 mph Specifications for the 2021 Toyota MR2

Since there are no confirmation about the engine of the 2021 Toyota MR2 being made, it is hard to state the acceleration rate. Depending on what mill they decide to go with we may see some decent rates for this kind of a model. But since it may no longer get to be a roadster it will mean that the car will not be as fast as people remember it. But a kind of a goal is for the car to reach the 0-60 mph mark in 7.2 seconds, which would be a very good score.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy characteristics for the 2021 Toyota MR2 will have to be specified additionally. Once they determine what the powertrain is going to be we will get the scores. For now they are keeping all things connected with the powertrain of the car as secret as it can possibly be, this prevents us to learn how good the car is going to be and what are its major characteristics. But the hybrid powertrain is supposed to make up for a lot of it and we can say that we are probably going to have a very efficient car.


Dimension wise, the 2021 Toyota MR2 is going to remain the same. The modifications which will be introduced will make it much similar. They are going to reshape some parts of the car if they are doing a coupe model, but the fact remains that the changes of the dimensions are not going to be extensive. The model will largely be the same and it will offer us the same interior spacing on the inside. The inside will probably be refreshed and reset so it offers better comfort and a lot more spacing. They are really going to make the MR2 model a mainly comfort orientated one.

Safety Specs

Security and safety will be an important aspects of the 2021 Toyota MR2 model. We cannot really determine it all based on the concept version but we can say that they will turn up to cues when it comes to providing better safety scores. The model is going to change the concept of adding safety this time and the tools provided here will combined between some newly acclaimed active safety features and also some advanced offers. The newest forms of equipment will provide a whole new safety aspect for the car which will attract more fans.

Rivaling Models

The vehicle that is going to be known as the 2021 Toyota MR2 might be a far cry from the one which was seen before that. The car is probably going to change the rivals as well so we can only predict which models will be fighting for supremacy and which ones we can expect to see as biggest opponents. Cars under the Subaru nameplate will probably offer a similar offer as the MR2 does and these are going to provide the most decent level of competition.

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