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Recent Update for the 2021 Toyota Prado Not Featuring Many Changes

2021 Toyota Prado review

The newest pictures of the 2021 Toyota Prado model have emerged. But the car does not look so much drastically different compared to before. The update was a good idea to begin with but it does not show us anything spectacular. We think that they should have added more time and given it a lot more thought when designing this car. But still it was good not to leave it the same for a year longer.

Toyota Prado is a part of a premium SUV lineup which already has lots of competition in the market. It has existed from 1984 and has managed to provide great sales for the Japanese automaker. It is mainly popular in some Asian markets, with the latest boom seen in India. It has mainly taken a back seat in other markets where there is a higher competition in the segment and where the Prado might benefit from a larger reworking. This was their chance to do that but the 2021 Prado version will probably not be able to turn things around in terms of sales.

Will the new 2021 Toyota Prado actually have what it takes to become a more competitive model on the market and is it still a good car in this form to help attract more audience? We shall see in the months before us which lead to the release date of the model. But until then read the review and find out the latest news.


2021 Toyota Prado exterior

When is the Release Date of the 2021 Toyota Prado?

The release date of the newest 2021 Toyota Prado is expected to be given any day now. In fact the model is going to be expected in the back yard first, meaning in Japan, and they it will become available in all the other markets. We see it hitting the majority of the most successful ones come the start of 2021 model year, at least.

What is the Given Price of the 2021 Toyota Prado?

Based on the trim of the 2021 Toyota Prado, the price will be different, but the starting one will be at around 53,000 dollars. This amount will probably rise for the most upper trims which will be at 83,000 dollars tops.

Slim Exterior Updates

What the characteristics of this 2021 Toyota Prado and all of those which came before it is its size. The car is enormous and it is not afraid to show it. But it does not have as good as features as some of its competitors on the market. We are of course talking about a slew of German SUV models which are pitted against this one. But the Prado instead has a demeanor which means business and states it in all of its glory.

The front bumper is huge and adds a muscular feel for the vehicle. They also added some more chrome which made it additionally chunky. The headlamp cluster is also new and updated and it also has some daytime running lights as well. The front end also features a larger grille which fits into the updates perfectly and gives an imposing look to the 2021 Prado.

On the side of the car we will notice the flared wheel arches with huge gaps between the wheels and the body. It exemplifies a character which states that you can take this cay anywhere you like. In the rear of the car, there are not major changes except the added LED lights with clear lenses.

Still not as Impressive on the Inside as the Competition


2021 Toyota Prado interior

With the newest package, the 2021 Toyota Prado offers a decent inside, but still not as impressive as you would see in the competing cars. But what we are hopeful here about is the slew of added technology and upgrades which the model will use. Compared to the predecessor, it looks pretty great but overall speaking, the rivals are going to be equipped better. The model will fit a new display audio with a seven-inch screen and it also gets an Optitron meter which has been completely renewed. The second row of seats gets heaters and offers the same amount of spacing as last item.

Is it Wise to Keep the Same Engine?

Perhaps one of the wrong moves for the 2021 Toyota Prado model is to keep the old engine for the newest model. They have not crossed and decided to go for anything new here and we are keeping with the 3.0-litre, 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. It offers 173 hp of maximum power at 3400 RPM and 410 Nm of torque at 1600-2400 RPM. The power will go to all four-wheels while a 5-speed automatic transmission is used to do that.


2021 Toyota Prado engine

0-60 mph and Top Speed

The currently available stats say that the 2021 Toyota Prado will be able to have decent rates when it comes to top speed and acceleration. The top speed for the car is given at 112 mph while we may expect the acceleration to be at around 8 seconds.

What Happened with the Fuel Economy?

The newest model of the 2021 Toyota Prado was supposed to update the fuel economy stats. We were generally expecting to get a more fuel efficient vehicle so they could face the competition a lot better and easier. Unfortunately this did not materialize and the model will keep the same ones as before. At least they did not get any worse.

Upgraded Safety Features

One of the things that we like for the 2021 Toyota Prado is that it will provide some specific safety features. There are pieces of equipment here which are mainly seen on some higher trim levels and advanced cars. So added are a crawl control system, which helps with driving over jagged and off-road terrains, a multi-terrain select, allowing you to choose driving models for various driving conditions, a multi-terrain monitor and a tire Pressure Monitoring System as well.

The 2021 Toyota Prado Remains as Big as Before

They have decided to keep the dimensions for the 2021 Toyota Prado car. These are not going to expand so much or at least at all and we can have the same size of our car as it was the previous time. The gives us a full length of 4.780 m, width 1.885 m  and height 1.880 m, while the wheelbase will be 2.790 m.

2021 Toyota Prado Rival Cars

The German competition is the biggest problem for the 2021 Toyota Prado model. The sales are all going towards these models while the Prado is still not making enough. We have hoped to get a larger redesign and more for the update from the 2021 version but we are going to wait for it a bit longer to develop more. The models which are in higher regards are the BMW X5, Audi Q7, Mercedes- Benz ML-Class and the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.

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