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2021 Toyota Supra Release Date, Price and Changes

2021 Toyota Supra review

Spy Shots of the newest 2021 Toyota Supra have just appeared. It is looking more beautiful than ever, and it follows some of the details from the FT1 concept car. We don’t have the exact detail for the engine options that are going to follow, but at least we don’t have to guess about the future of the exterior.

The big deal about this is the long absence of this car. There were some rumors about the 2017 release and that still remains as a rumor, but there are small chances of that after the Los Angeles Auto Show Is over. Everybody thought that the release date would be released during the Auto Show. Instead of that, we got some new Spy Shots. We are here to analyze the smallest detail on them.


2021 Toyota Supra exterior

2021 Toyota Supra Release Date And Price

The idea is very old, and some of the predictions about the 2021 Toyota Supra release date and price came in 2014. FT1 concept looks like a true blood racing car, and it amazed all the hardcore fans out there. But there is a small catch. We all thought that the concept car is something they will most certainly keep as a starting point and change some little things. But, we were all wrong. The new Spy Shots show how wrong we were. The final, production version is going to be something between the old Supra, new BMW Z5, and the good old FT1 concept car. Since they had already made all the changes they started testing the car. We can expect the near-to-production version at Detroit’s North American International Auto from January 8th to January 22nd, 2017.

The release date (if everything goes according to plan) is expected to the end of 2020, or the early months of 2021. The starting price is going to be around $60,000, depending on the model.

2021 Toyota Supra Exterior

The old, over the top aggressive look, is gone. The well-known “double bubble” roof is there. That is what tipped the camouflaged version, off. The areas around the front fascia, including the grille and headlights, are all heavily camouflaged, and you can make the camouflage look like a spaceship, but that doesn’t mean anything. We couldn’t see anything clearly, and yet, it is obvious that some of the design cues from FT1 remained, but not even close to what we all thought. The entire concept lost it’s “Viper – like” feel. All the air intakes have been scraped and all that we are left with, is some simple design that looks decent, but that is simply not it. All these years of waiting are not worthy of this design.

2021 Toyota Supra Engine Specs

We cannot expect the 2021 Toyota Supra engine specs to remain the old ones. That time has long past. No more V6 and V8 for this incarnation. We are expecting the BMW to fit his own four and six cylinders 2.0-liter turbo engines. In the end, the cooperation of BMW and Toyota made this project to become a reality.


2021 Toyota Supra engine

Because of the cooperation between the two companies, and their current hybrid projects, we are expecting some third model, maybe even a full EV 2021 Toyota Supra. That would make it even more powerful than ever before. But we are now threading through the paths of speculation because there is no official data considering hybrids or EVs. It would be cool, though.

Hybrid versions will produce somewhere between 300 and 400hp. Some of the people who actually had the opportunity to be there, and take the Spy Shots said that they heard something like V-6, growling inside the camouflaged vehicle.

2021 Toyota Supra Interior

This is where all the Spy Shots in the world can’t help us. The only things we have are the old FT1 Concept interior pics. According to those, the seats are made of calfskin and of top-grade quality. The entire interior will be made to complete that “racer” feel. The controls should be all simplified and concentrated on that central stack. It will not look like the cockpit of an airplane, mainly because of BMW’s influence. Expect some synergy between the BMW Z5 and Supra look.


2021 Toyota Supra interior

The interior we could see the spy shots had some of the “default” parts, but some of the areas were covered. That means that there are, actually some areas of the interior, that were already crafted for the final production version, that was on the test mule. Those areas are mainly, the central screen which had a cloth over it and the right side of the dashboard, just above the glove compartment. That means, that we are going to get some really good central screen and some revised dashboard.

The gauge cluster and the steering wheel were, unfortunately, the defaults, so we couldn’t get anything from them.

The most interesting thing, we noticed while we were analyzing the Spy Shots, was the area between front seats. There was something that looked like something we had the opportunity to see in the Aura NSX model. There was a mode controller that looked just like the device, standing in the middle of the seats, just behind the shifter. That would definitely mean that this will be the “mighty” hybrid we are waiting for. But who knows. Maybe, that’s just in this dreamer’s imagination.

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