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2021 Volkswagen Touareg Release Date, Facelift, Price

2021 Volkswagen Touareg review

The third-generation 2021 Volkswagen Touareg model has been spotted a bunch of times already. Finally there is some more solid evidence that comes for this model apart the pictures that were released. The car will finally be unveiled this year and the release date is coming afterwards making the new Touareg even closer as available for sale.

The spy photos started emerging already in early 2016 and it was an early indication that VW is preparing something big for their Touareg brand. Now we finally know that it is going to be a next-gen model which provides us with a serious makeover both inside and out. The model will also provide a new engine linkup, with both gasoline and diesel options on the table.

Although the current photos still reveal only a little bit of the car we have managed to learn that the biggest change is the usage of the MLB platform which will make this car a lot lighter. Not only that, the SUV will feature a lot more interior space and provide added cargo capacity. Find out more about this car in our review.


2021 Volkswagen Touareg exterior

2021 Volkswagen Touareg Release Date

The release date for the 2021 Volkswagen Touareg is expected to be dropped any time now. The model will be showcased for the first time this year, making its initial arrival available only in Germany. After that we can expect to see the car cross the pond and arrive in America by early 2021.

What is the Price?

The price is still unknown for the 2021 Volkswagen Touareg model. The initial rates will be released for the European market first and the US pricing will follow suit. But we are expecting the new model to go a little bit beyond to outgoing one, so a base price of around $51,000 dollars is expected.

Exterior changes and Looks

Based on the amount of camo covering the 2021 Volkswagen Touareg model we can assess that the front and rear fascias are going to go though the most amount of changes. This also leaves other parts like the doors, the roof and the side skirts unchanged, but it will not mean that this car will be largely similar to its previous model. It was announced that the car will draw a lot of inspiration from the T-Prime Concept which was shown at the last Beijing Auto Show.

This means that the car will probably incorporate a larger front grille with thin headlamps on the sides. We also expect a sporty bumper design with C-shaped LED daytime running lights. The rear end will probably add slender taillights placed high on the fascia and a recess on the lower section of the tailgate.

Inside Design and Updates


2021 Volkswagen Touareg interior

The idea behind the interior of the 2021 Volkswagen Touareg model is to borrow from the T-Prime Concept. The dash will probably be fitted with a similar massive touchscreen in the center of it while the instrument cluster, the dashboard and the door panels will probably receive a new high-end appearance with some advanced technology added. The MLB platform will account for more space even with the lower roof that it has. Headroom, legroom and shoulder room will enhance and we do mean it especially for the back part of the car. A larger trunk area is also expected with more storage compartments placed around the cabin.

Powertrain and Specs

The new 2021 Volkswagen Touareg was announced with both gasoline and diesel engines available, but these will depend on the market it is offered in. For example, the American version is supposed to come with a 3.0-liter V-6 engine and also a hybrid version with the same powertrain and an added electric motor and this version will also be accessible for the European audiences as well. There are also news that the new-generation model will add 2.0-liter four-cylinder powerplants, which are going to be offered for models in China, Europe and possibly the US.

The output figures are still unknown but we expect the starting engine to make around 300 horsepower, while the hybrid form will churn out 400 horses combined. Diesel variants are predicted of making 220horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque for starters.


2021 Volkswagen Touareg engine

0-60 mph Acceleration and Top Speed

The 0-60 mph and top speed for the 2021 Volkswagen Touareg is currently not available but we expect the numbers to be released soon with the output details. We predict that it will not stem to far from the current model so a time between 7.5 and 7.7 seconds is expected to reach 60 mph and a top speed of 120 mph as well.

2021 Touareg Fuel Economy of the Car

The new 2021 Volkswagen Touareg model will probably provide some better fuel characteristics compared to the current one. For now, depending on the engine type used, it is predicted that the model will have somewhere between 22 and 23 mpg for city drives, 27 mpg on the highway, which leaves us with a rating of around 23-24 mpg combined. The rates will arrive as soon as the output is determined and we will be able to distinguish it better since then.

Are there going to be any Dimensions Changes?

It was already reported that the 2021 Volkswagen Touareg will not change dimensions. This is perhaps unusual for a next-generation model to keep its size properties but VW is already planning a larger, seven-seat SUV. So it does not make much sense to have two similar cars with the same proportions and thus the model will be kept the same while at the same time allowing the newly planned car to occupy its own slot in the VW roster. The Touareg model will measure up to 189 inches in length and 75 inches in width.

Safety Characteristics

There haven’t been any specific announcements made for the safety of the 2021 Volkswagen Touareg model. This leads us to believe that they do not have the setup prepared already and that we are certainly going to get something new. For now we are going to expect the basic kind of an offer seen with the previous model. Airbags and a rearview camera with all the works, while the advanced offers will be announced promptly.

Rivaling Cars

Other cars in the segment that are going to be the closest rivals for the 2021 Volkswagen Touareg include two main vehicles. These are certainly the Audi Q7 and Acura MDX.

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