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3 Ways to Finance Your New Car

3 Ways to Finance Your New Car

Whether you need a new family car, or you want to treat yourself to the latest sports model, choosing a new vehicle can be exciting. Of course, purchasing a car is a big investment, and it’s important to get it right.

Financing a vehicle isn’t always easy, particularly if you need to replace your vehicle at short notice. To ensure you’ve considered all the options, take a look at these three savvy ways to finance your new automotive purchase.

1. Part-Exchange Your Vehicle

If you’re buying from a dealership or a trader, you may be able to part-exchange your existing vehicle. This will enable you to offset some of the cost of a new car while making it easy to dispose of your current vehicle. However, not all dealers offer part-exchanges and, if you do opt to P/X, you might get less for your motor than on the secondhand market. Furthermore, part-exchanging your vehicle does limit your choice because you won’t be able to buy a used vehicle from a private seller.

2. Raid Your Savings


If you have a stash of savings, buying a new car could be an effective way to put them to good use. Of course, the option of using your funds to purchase a vehicle will depend on how much you have saved. If you don’t have enough to finance the full cost, you may need to raise additional funds in other ways.

Although many people do choose to save up to buy a new car, this isn’t always a viable option if you need to get a vehicle in a hurry. If your current car has broken down and can’t be repaired, for example, you may not have the time to save as much as you need to buy a new car. In addition to this, you may not want to spend all of your savings on a vehicle, just in case anything else unexpected happens and you require funds urgently.

3. Take out a Loan

Taking out a car loan is one of the most popular ways to finance a vehicular purchase. With potentially low-interest rates and favorable repayment plans, you can spread the cost of your new vehicle over months or years.

Successfully obtaining a loan depends on a number of factors, such as your income and credit history. However, fast turnaround payday loans bad credit make it easy to access funding. Even if you have a poor credit history, this won’t necessarily prevent you from obtaining a loan. Once approved, it won’t take long for you to have access to the funds either, which means you can start looking for your new car right away.

Buying a Used Car


If you’re buying a used car, be sure to have an experienced mechanic check it over before you make an offer. By ensuring the car is safe and roadworthy, you’ll have peace of mind that your new motor will stand the test of time. With a professional mechanic checking the engine, you can focus on the aesthetics of your new car and enjoy exploring the latest features and extras.

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