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Improve Your Driving Skills and Handle a Car Like a Pro

Improve Your Driving Skills and Handle a Car Like a Pro

Handling a car is no easy task. Whether you are going fast or slow, there are certain things that you have to master so you do everything properly. Driving like a pro takes years of experience, trust me. But there are some things that you need to know first and you can fairly pick them up quickly.

I actually got interested in race driving while on a trip to Greece. I was in a town called Serres where I saw a sign that offered race driving training. It was really interesting to me so I decided to try it on. It offered everything from safe driving to race driving. It was a real eye-opener for me and is what essentially got me started.

In order to help you find your way, I will give you some of the most important tips for handling a car. It will certainly help you on your journey so you too can drive like a pro.

Look Where You Want to Go

It may sound logical, but we often move in the direction that we are looking at while driving a car. This is important for high speeds as one small mistake can create an accident. If you instinctively look at something in beside the road for a second you will start moving towards it.

So keep your eye on the prize. Or better yet, keep your eyes forward and always look at the spot you are heading for and where you want to be.

Everything on the Motorway is Done Slowly

Moving at high speeds also requires you to do certain actions much faster. But that is not necessary in some cases. You shouldn’t try to go faster if you don’t have to. Especially on the motorway. There is a higher chance of an accident occurring if you try to speed everything up.

Thus slow everything down. Shift the gears, move about and change indicators at your own pace. You don’t have to start moving about real fast for the sake of it as safety is still the most important thing here.

Road Position is Important


Do you think about your road position? This is something that is mostly overlooked by certain drivers. Having a good position that allows you a better overview of the traffic in front of you will ensure a better and safe ride.

Move a bit to the left when approaching a right-hand bend, or to the right for a left-hand bend. This is particularly useful when you try to overtake someone and it gives you a better oversight of the entire road in front of you. But still, you have to be careful and don’t put yourself in dangerous positions if you don’t have to.

Stop in the Distance You are Able to See

This might sound strange but it is perfectly sane once you think about it. Safety is the number one priority here. We are not able to predict what is in front of us and will need to react quickly of something unexpectedly comes out in front of us. That is why you need to see well in front of you and be able to stop at a distance that you are able to see.

Driving slower is an important aspect, particularly if you are coming out of a corner. This is a particular situation where something unexpected might happen. Keep your distance and concentrate on the area in front of you so you are able to stop within safely and not damage your car nor anything around you.

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