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How to Repair a Car Radio by Yourself?

listening to music in car

Do you enjoy listening to the radio when you drive? Most people do! Some do it to relax, some find it easier to listen to music that way, while others just use it to kill time during long journeys. Whether you are listening to music, a podcast or your favorite show, a car radio is an absolute amenity to have in your car.

But what if your radio suddenly dies on you?

You have to repair it or substitute it. The first thing that you can do is to contact a service like Supertech Electronics to see how they are able to help you. But you can also try and fix it yourself. It does not take a tech-savvy person to fix a car radio, just an intuitive.

Here are some steps that you need to follow.

Step 1

The first thing is to check if your radio is really dead. Mistakes can happen sometimes and it is better to eliminate certain things first before continuing with the repair. Make sure that the stereo is set to “radio” and not to CD pr Tape. Also, make sure that the volume is turned up, it just might be silent.

One can also make sure if the radio is tuned to a station. Some radios might emit silence and not static between stations. Eliminating these things early on will lead you to the next step.

Step 2


Check the aerial! A damaged aerial could be the root of all your problems. If it is bent or damaged it could lead to all sorts of problems with your radio. Sometimes unnoticeable damage can lead to radio not working properly.

Antennas can easily get damaged inside a car wash. A lot of people don’t realize this at first but even small damage that is hard to notice could lead to problems.

Step 3

Try playing a CD or tape. This will determine the functionality of your stereo. If any music or sound appears you can immediately eliminate problems with the speakers. Speaker connection can sometimes be an issue. Clearing this right away allows you to advance to the next step.

Step 4


Remove the radio from the dashboard and check if the audio connections are okay. Do it carefully and don’t try pulling it out by force. You might need a tool to do it but you can find one in any utility store close by.

The first thing that you need to determine is the round aerial connection in the back. Make sure that it is securely attached. Put the stereo back in the dashboard and make sure that the cables are untangled. Messed up cables can also depend on the problem further. Try playing it then to see if it functions now.

Step 5

Replace the fuse. The electronics in your car are hooked up to a fuse box. A blown-out radio fuse will mean that the radio is not going to receive any power. If that happens to be the problem you need to locate the fuse in your vehicle. Try using the manual so you find it faster.

If the radio does not work even after changing or checking the fuse the problem might be a lot difficult to handle. Opening it up entirely would require a professional person or somebody who is good with electronics. If you have a particularly old radio on your hand, you just might think of replacing it entirely and getting a new one. In that case, trying to fix it is not going to be cost-effective for you.

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