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2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Release Date




Are you excited to learn more about the upcoming 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee? Get all the details about the release date, pricing, specifications, features, and more in this comprehensive review of the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2023 is a compelling option, and the reasons for this run from its comfortable ride, powerful motor, and upscale cabin, all the way through to its expansive range. The appeal of the Grand Cherokee is enhanced by its combination of impressive off-road capabilities and on-road refinement, offering plenty of luxury appointments and available features, and having that rugged, outdoor-oriented appearance that Jeep buyers like. Jeep is also offering its 4XE plug-in hybrid powertrain, which brings electrification to the Grand Cherokee.

A trio of powertrains is offered, including familiar V-6 and V-8 options, as well as the new plug-in hybrid option that Jeep calls 4xe. While some higher-performance SRT offerings could come down the line, at this point, Jeep’s midsize SUV is offered with V6, V8, and plug-in hybrid powertrains. At the performance end of the spectrum, we would expect Jeep to continue offering high-performance SRT and Trackhawk models, but we have reviewed these separately.


Fuel-economy estimates are unavailable for Jeep’s midsize SUVs as of this writing, but the ones available are mostly identical to the ones from 2022, which we share here. Adding four-wheel drive drops each of these estimates by 1 mpg; V-8 models are rated for 14 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway. Your real mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain the car.

While there is plenty of variances, Jeep’s pricing strategy is mercifully straightforward. For consumers who want a 3-row SUV that can hold an entire family, the Grand Cherokee L is available. No matter what your needs are, the carmaker is likely to have a Grand Cherokee that fits them. We were disappointed to see Jeep does not offer AWD or Four-Wheel Drive as standard equipment, but it is likely most consumers will receive that system.

The all-wheel-drive-only Trailhawk starts at $47,320, and is the most capable off-road model, featuring all-terrain tires, air suspension, skid plates, and a limited-slip rear differential. The Trailhawk version of Off-Road is available only now in plug-in 4XE form, and Jeep has made a 10.1-inch touchscreen and Premium Audio available more broadly.

A perennial top SUV to buy on The Car Connection, the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee has slight changes limited primarily to the 4xe plug-in hybrid model following last year’s redesign. Three decades later, with over seven million Grand Cherokees sold, the original Jeep Grand Cherokee is still breaking new ground with its plug-in-hybrid electrified 4xe model. The 4xe plug-in hybrid forms raise the stakes, pairing a turbo-4 with an electric motor and large battery pack to deliver 375 horsepower and up to 25 miles of pure EV driving before kicking in a gas engine.

Opt for a loaded Grand Cherokee, and the Grand Cherokee feature list includes a McIntosh audio system with 19 speakers, 10.25-inch touchscreen for passengers, open-pore wood trim, heated and ventilated second-row seats, a 10.1-inch touchscreen, 10.25-inch digital instrument panel, a rear-seat entertainment system, a digital rearview mirror, and reclining front seats. The front seats are comfortable, and two-row models provide ample room for adults in the back seats. A heated steering wheel and heated seats are available starting in Jeeps midsize SUVs (with the right pack, of course), and higher trim levels layer in enough leather and goodies to make the Grand Cherokee a legitimate luxury car.

It is comparable in size with other SUVs that are crossovers (the Grand Cherokee is technically a crossover since it has a monobody frame), but its rear-wheel-drive powertrain elevates the floorpan, thereby diminishing the third-row seating area relative to the Kia Telluride or Honda Pilot. At 17.7 cubic feet, the Jeeps cargo area behind this third row sits nicely between a Pilot (16.5 cubic feet) and the similarly rear-wheel-drive Ford Explorer (18.2 cubic feet). Jeep’s midsize SUVs can come in either two-row or three-row form thanks to the Grand Cherokee L. It can be an out-and-out luxury SUV in the Overland and Summit trim levels, or a trail-tackling, all-terrain monster (that is a plug-in hybrid, no less) in Trailhawk form.


The Grand Cherokee is also able to take an entire family out for a spin thanks to the Grand Cherokee L, which seats seven. The Jeep Wrangler might be getting all of the attention, but for drivers who want something comfortable on-road and yet still impressively capable off-road, the Grand Cherokee is the SUV to have in the lineup. The Summit adds horsepower and tech that enhances the Jeep driving dynamics, such as the V8 engine, an Active Suspension with Adaptive Dampers, a limited-slip differential, exclusive leather/leatherette trim, and much more. The 80th-anniversary version builds upon the Limited feature set, adding unique interior accents, 18-inch exclusive wheels, as well a Jeeps driver safety tech package.

While the base Laredo models provide the basics, upscale Summit and Overland models add luxuries such as quilted leather trim, open-pore wood trim, and high-tech digital displays. Jeep has fitted the hatch with a special-edition badging, which shows off both the new and the old models in silhouette. In-dash navigation with live traffic and weather updates is optional, and higher-end models can have a digital gauge cluster, 10.0-inch heads-up display, and another 10.3-inch display embedded into the Grand Cherokees dash for front-seat passengers.

I did not even bother testing Jeep’s Night Vision, which is claimed to shine a light on things such as your hot differential, but more importantly, to illuminate pedestrians and animals at night.

2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Release Date

The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee is expected to be released late in 2023, marking the newest version of this iconic model. The new Grand Cherokee will come with many enhanced features and specs, making it an ideal option for those seeking a reliable vehicle with great performance and comfort. Stay updated on the official release date of the car.

What Kind of Engine Does the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Have?

The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee will feature a range of engine options, including a 3.6L V6, 5.7L V8, and 6.4L V8. All engines will be paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

How Much Will the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Cost?

The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee will start at around $31,000 for the base trim and increase up to $64,000 for the top-of-the-line trim.

What Features Will the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Have?

Standard features for the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee include an 8.4-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, heated front seats, and a power liftgate.

Is the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD?

Yes, the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee will come standard with 4WD (four-wheel drive).

Does the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Have Adaptive Cruise Control?

Yes, the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee will have adaptive cruise control as an available option.

What Type of Towing Capacity Does the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Have?

The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee will have a maximum towing capacity of 7,200 pounds when properly equipped.

What Fuel Economy Does the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Have?

Fuel economy estimates for the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee vary depending on the engine chosen. The 3.6L V6 is rated for 19 mpg city and 26 mpg highway, while the 5.7L V8 is rated for 16 mpg city and 23 mpg highway. The 6.4L V8 gets 15 mpg city and 22 mpg highway.

Does the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Have Advanced Safety Features?

Yes, the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be available with advanced safety features such as lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking.

What Color Options Will Be Available for the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be available in a variety of colors, including Granite Crystal Metallic, Bright White Clearcoat, Billet Silver Metallic, and Sting Gray.

Does the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Have Interior Luxury Features?

Yes, the higher trims of the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee come with luxury interior features, like Nappa leather upholstery, woodgrain accents, and ventilated front seats.

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